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Nam Nguyen

Nam is driven to make high quality health data accessible and easy to interpret for use by researchers and data scientists.


Health Data Informatics De-identification Health Data Mining

Nam is a medical informaticist and data scientist who is passionate about transforming health data into insights to improve patient outcomes. Nam comes with over 15 years of experience in medical informatics, technical data product management, health data management of real-world data, HIPAA de-identification, quality measure R&D, managing NLP and data science initiatives, and health software solution development and quality assurance.

Nam came to Veradigm through Practice Fusion, where he served as Director of Health Data Management. There, he worked with the data science and life science teams to build, de-identify, and maintain the research ready dataset of the Practice Fusion ambulatory data.

Prior to Practice Fusion he was at IMS Health for 8 years. At IMS Health, Nam served as a Sr Product Manager in the Global Payer and Provider group. His solutions at IMS focused on the transformation of health care data (Claims, EHR Data, Outcomes) into a variety of formats (OMOP, FHIR, custom) with a focus on data on-boarding for population health analytics (provider cost of care, HEDIS, NQF, PQA, etc), RWE studies and Health IT initiatives. He also is experienced in customer engagement and relationship management for technical programs and products with the nation’s largest health plans including short term and long-term solution deployment and customization management. This includes iterative releases of a health analytics platform and custom provider directory solutions for Cigna, Carefirst, BCBSNC, BCBSSC, BCBSNC, BCBSTN, Horizon, Premera, BCBSM, and Florida Blue.

As Vice President of the Medical Informatics & Data Science team at Veradigm, he is responsible for the stewardship necessary to make health data assets research ready for life sciences. His team works on a variety of initiatives around data de-identification, data preparation, and machine learning, and natural language processing. His team’s motto is to get better data to clients faster in a compliant way. Today, this includes linking disparate de-identified datasets to get the research teams the data they need. He is an expert in privacy-preserving record linkage (PPRL) and regularly consults with the nation’s leading HIPAA experts on privacy and security trends of the day. Data linking also requires data engineer and feature engineering to make data from different sources have the same clinical meaning. In addition to the work continuously improving Veradigm’s data assets, the team is also using machine learning and natural language processing to unlock new insight out of unstructured data. Nam and the team are also very active in the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) and regularly contribute to the greater medical informatics community through publications. Recently, manuscripts on using NLP to extract BMD, LVEF, and heart failure symptoms have but accepted.

Nam holds an MS in Entomology, specializing in systematics and phylogeny, from UC Davis, an Executive MBA from Quantic, an MS in environmental management from University of San Francisco, and currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Privacy and Security workgroup of the Electronic Health Record Association. He is a HITRUST certified de-identification professional, a certified professional coder (AAPC, CPC) and LEANSIGNMA certified.

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References to published articles by this expert

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