Price Transparency at the Point of Care Boosts Patient Savings and Prescriber Efficiency

Press Releases  |  10 December 2018

This week, Surescripts, a long-standing partner of Veradigm, announced initial results of a study into the observed impact of real transparency at the point of care. As Veradigm CEO Tom Langan points out in the Surescripts announcement, stakeholders across healthcare have long known how powerful this data could be, if made available to the right people at the right time and place. Thanks in part to their partnership with Veradigm Prescription Price Transparency, Surescripts reports that more than 70% of covered lives in the U.S. are now can be reached through their real-time prescription benefit capability, with results including up $8000+ saved in a single transaction, and 132,000 hours of patient wait-time due to prior authorization eliminated in June 2018 alone.

Click here to review the Surescripts announcement.

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