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Veradigm simplifies scheduling with artificial intelligence patient scheduling software, predictive analytics, and considers practice preferences for seamless management by front-desk staff.

Predictive Scheduler

Artificial Intelligence to Automate Scheduling

Practices no longer need to depend on cancellations and waitlists to squeeze in patients.

Predictive Scheduler (formerly Guided Scheduling) is an advanced scheduling solution that uses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to forecast patient demand.

How it works

By predicting which patients may have more pressing needs, Predictive Scheduler creates a schedule that automatically prioritizes those visits while minimizing impact to scheduled patients.

This powerful technology enables practices to help deliver high quality care delivery, improve patient outcomes, and optimize operational efficiencies.

How Predictive Scheduler Can Help

Reworking a full schedule for high-need patients
Uses artificial intelligence to prioritize high-need patient visits and holds slots open based on predicted daily volume.
Understanding complex scheduling rules that can affect efficiencies
Helps practices build messages to ensure scheduling/reimbursement rules are followed.
Managing no-shows/cancellations that leave open slots on a schedule
Enables users to update templates based on demand as well as no-shows/cancellations, to reduce open slots.
Ensuring busy schedules are not left empty due to demand changes
Ensures slots are opened and closed on a daily or weekly basis, based on predicted demand. Distributes these visits across multiple resources as desired, to ensure visits receive optimal care, and resources are effectively used.

Solution Portfolio

Veradigm offers Predictive Scheduler solutions based on the practice’s needs.

  • Predictive Scheduler
    Veradigm’s flagship scheduling solution uses AI to predict demand, ensuring schedule slots are not left empty due to demand changes. Patients who need care the most have access to appointments, even at the last minute.
  • Predictive Scheduler Services
    For organizations who would like additional support with their scheduling strategy, Veradigm’s scheduling experts will work with you during implementation. Our experts can also provide ongoing consultation after going live with monthly scheduling reporting, quarterly performance reporting, and algorithm updates completed, as necessary.
  • Predictive Scheduler Direct
    Online patient scheduling that guides patients to the right appointment with the right provider at the right time. All while maintaining providers’ desired level of clinic optimization.
  • SmartReach
    SmartReach (formerly Proactive Care) is a patient engagement solution that empowers your scheduling staff to automatically message patients who meet a specific criterion such as patient demographics, CPT codes, diagnosis codes, and insurance carrier.

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If your practice is interested in seeing how your patients could have been seen earlier, contact us for an Optimization Readiness, an analysis that will show how schedules may have been optimized.

By pulling 12-24 months of practice and provider historical data, organizations can get insights into potential opportunities for improved scheduling efficiencies across 40 key efficiency and effectiveness metrics.

See how your schedules may have been optimized with Predictive Scheduler.

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