Veradigm: Transforming health, insightfully.

Leveraging technology to simplify healthcare

Veradigm is focused on research, analytics, and building scalable data-driven solutions of value for ALL healthcare stakeholders.

Biopharma and Device Companies

Veradigm solutions deliver critical insights that improve patient access and can help accelerate research.

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Health Plans and Payers

We understand the challenges of health plans, PBMs, and the insurance industry, providing advanced solutions that solve them.

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Healthcare Providers

Veradigm offers your practice a suite of easy-to-use healthcare technology solutions that help to optimize your clinical and financial performance.

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Health IT Partners

We can help your company deliver advanced Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) solutions that help your customers reach their goals.

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Healthcare Patients

Throughout your healthcare journey, Veradigm provides valuable tools like appointment reminders and medication cost management.

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Transform biopharma research and provider communication by leveraging our expansive real-world insights from the point-of-care and throughout the patient journey.

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Health Plans and Payers

Improve efficiency for you, your providers, and your members through clinical data exchange while cost-effectively driving quality outcomes.

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Healthcare Providers

Optimize your clinical, operational, financial performance with easy-to-use, cloud-based solutions that help you save time.

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Health IT Partners

Leverage plug-and-play Health IT solutions that seamlessly integrate into your platforms, and keep your focus where it needs to be.

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Together, we’re Veradigm

Next-generation, data-driven healthcare insights and solutions— from the point-of-care to everyday life.

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Veradigm eChartCourier™

To reduce your practice's administrative burden, eCC retrieves medical charts automatically and sends them in a secure, electronic format—eliminating manual processes, increasing efficiency, and ultimately saving you time.

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Veradigm ePrescribe

Whether you are a provider looking for advanced, affordable electronic prescribing to free you from your script pad, or a HIT company looking to integrate a proven, robust e-prescribing solution into your platform, Veradigm ePrescribe has you covered.

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Veradigm AccelRx™

For busy healthcare providers and biopharma brands, AccelRx streamlines the prescribing and fulfillment process for all specialty drugs through a flexible technology capable of interoperability with any payer, specialty pharmacy, or specialty medication hub.

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Veradigm Resources

Press Releases - 29 June 2022

Veradigm Issued Patent for Risk Adjustment Method and Apparatus

Veradigm is providing health plans with a patent-protected method to support risk adjustment programs through "Dynamic Intervention Planning"

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Blog Posts - 28 June 2022

Allscripts’ 2021 Community Impact Report

Allscripts and Veradigm believe that healthcare becomes better for all when we prioritize investing in our communities through dollars, ideas, and action.

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Blog Posts - 22 June 2022

e-Prescribing: Have the Promises of Decreased Errors and Improved Patient Safety Been Fulfilled?

ePrescribing was predicted to improve patient safety & to help prevent medication errors due to illegible handwriting — so has it lived up to expectations?

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