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Send and retrieve medical charts in a secure, timely, electronic format.

Veradigm eChart Courier retrieves medical charts and automatically sends them in a secure, electronic format—eliminating the manual process. It’s easy to use and saves time and resources for both providers and health plans.

Solution can help you:

  • Veradigm eChart Courier helps Health Plans control costs, improve efficiency, and preserve HIPAA security and helps reduce administrative burdens and increase efficiency for your provider networks.
  • By using Veradigm eChart Courier, health plans can not only make their own processes more efficient, but they can improve the efficiency of their network providers. Allowing network providers to focus on delivering quality care to their patients.
  • Manual chart chasing is time consuming and resource intensive for both health plans and providers. Medical practices must allocate staff to sort through charts and respond to requests, diverting resources away from supporting patients. Health plans then need to manually read through the charts to glean the data relevant to their request.
  • Veradigm eChart Courier is an easy-to-use solution that helps save time, office resources and expense by automating the medical chart retrieval process. It delivers medical records securely via electronic transfer and provides clinical data in an easy-to-use format for analysis.

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