API Connectivity

Diagnostic Ordering and Results Network (DORN)

Electronic Prescribing

Streamlined integration into a cloud-based hub with one API integration to provide EHRS with access to hundreds of laboratory and radiology centers.

Connecting EHR Vendors with Lab and Radiology Centers

Veradigm offers EHR vendors a streamlined integration into a cloud-based hub with one API integration, the Diagnostic Ordering and Results Network (DORN). This provides EHRs with access to hundreds of laboratory and radiology partners. DORN utilizes a standardized integration format for all laboratory/radiology center partners, eliminating the need to customize format for each connection.

DORN can help you:

  • Eliminate cost of implementation, project management, and ongoing maintenance through a streamlined API integration
  • Streamline implementation through use of a standardized integration, eliminating the need to customize formats for each partner
  • Increase customer satisfaction with increased system uptime—99.9% uptime reliability
  • Simplify compendium management with automatic standardized, electronic notifications when compendium updates are available
  • Potential to generate revenue through Veradigm’s revenue sharing benefits

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Diagram of Veradigm DORN program

A Veradigm team member will walk you through the benefits of connecting with Veradigm’s diagnostic ordering and results network.

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