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Veradigm Payerpath - Delivering provider and payer solutions that connect patients, providers, and payers

Veradigm Payerpath is an end-to-end revenue cycle management suite of solutions built to assist organizations improve revenue, streamline communications with payers and patients, and boost practice profitability for practices of all sizes and specialties.

Veradigm Payerpath can help you:

  • Eliminate missing information, incorrect coding and data entry error to ensure clean claim submission
  • Ensure claims pre-submission are correctly coded, have no missing information, and are error free
  • Compare performance against peers at the state, national, and specialty level to optimize productivity and improve financial performance with advanced analytical reporting
  • Remind patients of their appointments and confirm their insurance coverage and benefits information
  • Automate the billing and collections of patient responsibility

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A comprehensive suite of revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions to support your practice’s success

Veradigm Payerpath’s integrated solutions are practice management (PM) agnostic, interfacing seamlessly with all major PM systems. An innovative claims management platform, Veradigm Payerpath delivers a >98% first-pass clean claims rate and reaches a network of over 3,100 payers.1

Veradigm Payerpath solutions:

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Claims Management Solutions

The key components of the Veradigm Payerpath Claims Management Solutions Include:

Veradigm Payerpath Claims Management

Veradigm Payerpath Claims Management helps practices identify and retrieve missing information, incorrect codes and data-entry errors that result in rejected or denied claims.

Veradigm Payerpath Remittance Management

Veradigm Payerpath Remittance Management notifies users when electronic EOBs from payers are available for review.


Notes helps practices increase operational efficiencies by enabling reconciliation of submitted claims with payer and trading partner reports, responses and electronic remittances.

Coding, Compliance and Reference Tools

Coding, Compliance, and Reference Tools encompasses a robust online coding library that provides coding guidelines, documentation, and policy information to help guide practices through complex technical and regulatory challenges.

Key Features:

  • Single, all-payer solution for both professional and institutional billing
  • Real-time editing and online correction
  • Integrated coding and compliance edits, including CCI, LCD and NCD
  • Seamless connectivity with any practice management system—no hardware or software installation is required
  • Monthly subscription pricing enables providers to accurately budget their claims-management expenses

Veradigm Payerpath Claims Management Solutions can help you with:

  • Slow rejections and denied claim: Veradigm Payerpath Claims Management is a web-based claims management system that helps eliminate the missing information, incorrect codes and data-entry errors that result in rejected or denied claims, each costing nearly $25 to correct.2
  • Delayed reimbursement: Veradigm Payerpath Claims Management is a complete system for managing every step in the reimbursement cycle—ensuring prompt and accurate payments.
  • Lack of staff productivity: Veradigm Payerpath Claims Management provides advanced reporting tools to deliver insight into the productivity and financial performance of your practice. Users can sort and work claims based on the unique workflows of their organization.
  • Visibility: Remittance Management notifies users when there are electronic EOBs from payers to review.
  • Lack of automation: Notes reconciles submitted claims with payer and trading partner reports, responses and electronic remittances.
  • Complicated coding: Knowledge Source Pro with CodeCheck encompasses a robust online coding library that provides coding guidelines, documentation, and policy information.

Patient Readiness Solutions

Veradigm Payerpath Eligibility provides real-time access to the patient insurance information that is critical to a practice’s cash flow.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with Allscripts® Practice Management (and most other practice management systems)
  • Online display and reporting of eligibility responses
  • Standardization of eligibility responses, regardless of payer

Veradigm Payerpath® eNotify is the newest version of Payerpath Call, with extended features focusing on improving patient experience.

Key features:

Automated Patient Reminders

Veradigm Payerpath eNotify automatically delivers appointment reminders and other important messages using methods patients prefer. Patients can easily act by responding immediately to messages, which helps staff ensure the schedule stays full.

Increase Value and Productivity

Veradigm Payerpath eNotify helps keep the office schedule running smoothly throughout the day while patients continue to receive quality care. Automating appointment reminders and other patient outreach tactics helps improve the overall value for the practice.

Easily Access Results

Including a detailed and customizable reporting dashboard, Veradigm Payerpath eNotify provides staff with full visibility into patient-specific and campaign-level outreach results. The data can be used to update patient records, fill open appointment times and more.

Improve Outreach with Additional Engagement Opportunities

Beyond appointment reminders, Veradigm Payerpath eNotify provides patient outreach via phone call, text message or email for other important messages, such as patient recalls, patient balance reminders and patient appreciation. It can also generate tailored messages to fit your practice’s needs.

Help Practices Expand

The solution helps keep practices’ schedules filled by reducing no-shows and cancellation, which can increase overall practice revenue staff efficiency. It’s easy and intuitive design can also help reduce call volume and stress leading to staff burnout and turnover.

Improve Patient Experience

Deliver on patients’ expectations of efficient and comprehensive care by using on-demand messaging and two-way chat sessions, to accurately communicate unforeseen issues (e.g., inclement weather or provider delays).

Veradigm Payerpath Patient Readiness Solutions can help you with:

  • Removing payment barriers: Veradigm Payerpath Eligibility helps practices receive payments more efficiently by providing eligibility verification of patient insurance coverage before the patient’s visit.
  • Eligibility before service delivery: Veradigm Payerpath Eligibility helps practices understand the fine print when it comes to insurance verification. With real-time and batch eligibility verification of insurance coverage, patient information can be submitted from the Allscripts scheduling system and eligibility is verified before service is delivered. The practice receives real-time access to eligibility data such as effective dates, co-payments, benefit caps and plan policies.
  • Reaching patients when and how they prefer: Ensures patient outreach success with automated appointment reminders, recalls and other patient engagement communications, freeing up staff to work with inoffice patients or focus on other vital tasks.
  • Communicating with patients in real time: Delivers flexible and convenient patient outreach options, with on-demand messaging and real-time patient chat features that help improve patient satisfaction.
  • Connecting with patients for crucial feedback: Assesses patients quickly and efficiently, to gain valuable feedback and insights into patient satisfaction, as well as medical treatment management.

Patient Responsibility Solutions

The key components of the Veradigm Payerpath Patient Responsibility Solutions Include:

Veradigm Payerpath Patient Statements

Veradigm Payerpath Patient Statements is a fully automated and integrated solution that offers high-quality, customized, full-duplex patient-friendly statements specifically designed to improve patient payment rates through a preferred payment method.

Key Features:

  • Users can insert custom practice logos and messages onto patient statements
  • Multiple patient statement formats to choose from
  • Easy-to-read format that highlights patient responsibility for faster payment

Veradigm Payerpath eStatements

Veradigm Payerpath eStatements with Online Bill Pay enables patients to enroll for statement notifications through email and make make payments online. Patients make payments on their statements, presenting a true representation of their financial responsibility and offering multiple payment methods from a dedicated patient engagement platform. Through tight integration with the provider’s billing system, patient payments are posted back automatically and seamlessly.

Key Features:

  • Online payments are deposited to a practice bank account
  • Send Statement notifications via email
  • Requires no software installation
  • Automatic posting to Allscripts® Practice Management

Veradigm Payerpath Receipt

Veradigm Payerpath Receipt is an enhanced lockbox product that receives and processes all forms of mailed patient payments to a secure PO box, where payments are processed, imaged, and delivered electronically to a practice.

Key Features:

  • Credit card, check and cash processing
  • Viewable in Veradigm Payerpath®
  • Automatic posting to Allscripts® Practice Management
  • Provides direct deposit
  • Unique mail stop for each practice

Veradigm Payerpath Collect

Veradigm Payerpath Collect removes a challenging but necessary responsibility from medical practices by automating patient collections. Traditionally, patient collection correspondence has been a drain on practice resources. Veradigm Payerpath Collect eliminates the manual process of pursuing past-due accounts by automating collection correspondence.

Key Features:

  • Personalize first, second, and final notifications on collection letters
  • Track the status of your collections through readily accessible reports
  • Letters are professionally printed on 8.5”x 11” forms and mailed First-Class within 24 hours

Veradigm Payerpath Return Mail Manager

Veradigm Payerpath Return Mail Manager automates return mail-handling service that helps manage and report on undeliverable Veradigm Payerpath Patient Statements and Veradigm Payerpath Collect letters returned to the office.

Key Features:

  • Reduces office risk exposure
  • Streamlines workflow and adds efficiencies by eliminating manual handling of return mail

Veradigm Payerpath Patient Payment Manager

Veradigm Payerpath Patient Payment Manager is an integrated revenue collection tool for front desk and billing personnel to process and record point-ofcare patient payments.

Key Feature:

  • Personnel can have informed, in-office conversation with the patient-speeding up collection revenue

Veradigm Payerpath Patient Responsibility Solutions can help you with:

  • Increased collection fees: Veradigm Payerpath Collect reduces or eliminates charges from collection agencies when payments are remitted to the practice.
  • Rising security issues: Veradigm Payerpath Receipt enables all forms of payments to be processed securely and directly deposited into practices’ accounts.
  • Overworked staff: Veradigm Payerpath Patient Statements frees staff from the manual process of printing, inserting, metering, and mailing patient statements.
  • Increased patient standards: Veradigm Payerpath eStatements enables patients to view, download and print up to a year’s worth of statements, right from within a dedicated patient portal tied to the practice. This can help support higher satisfaction in patients.

Practice Productivity Solutions

The key components of the Veradigm Payerpath Practice Productivity Solutions Include:

Veradigm Payerpath EOB Cabinet

Veradigm Payerpath EOB Cabinet uses optical character recognition (OCR)-based technology to upload and digitally index, identify and retrieve explanation of benefits (EOBs) that have been electronically scanned and uploaded.

Key Features:

  • Central access point for accessing electronic and paper EOBs
  • OCR technology for indexing and finding patient specific information
  • Tier 1 data storage in HIPAA-secure locations

Veradigm Practice Performance

Veradigm Practice Performance is web-based analytics and benchmarking too that reviews electronic remittances for comprehensive denials information and payer payment trends.

Key features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Proactive, immediate messaging and alerts
  • Drilldown capability
  • Unlimited current and historical data
  • Comprehensive database for peer comparisons
  • Helps determine seasonal trends with internal communications
  • Instant access to data points based on customizable roles
  • SaaS-based system

Veradigm Payerpath Practice Productivity Solutions can help you with:

  • Reducing document retrieval time: Veradigm Payerpath EOB Cabinet significantly reduces document retrieval time by using optical character recognition (OCR)-based technology, which identifies, indexes and files EOBs.
  • Lack of office space: Veradigm Payerpath EOB Cabinet improves business processes and increases profitability by minimizing time spent on document management. With this powerful, secure, and cost-effective system, organizations gain physical space due to fewer files and storage cabinets.
  • Improving business processes: Allscripts Practice Performance ensures users have the information they need to reduce audit risks, optimize productivity, and improve financial performance.
  • Better business outcomes: Allscripts Practice Performance accelerates cash flow, improves revenue, increases productivity and mitigates financial risk by providing proactive alerts, an interactive dashboard, and real-time comparative data access.


  1. Veradigm Payerpath 2021. Data on file.

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