Real-World Evidence Analytics Program

Real-World Evidence Analytics Unleashed

Evalytica is a cost effective, software-as-a-service application that enables transparent and efficient analysis of real-world data. Evalytica is used by Life Sciences and research organizations to explore and analyze administrative claims, EHR, and registry data. Use Evalytica with data you bring or use Evalytica with Veradigm Insights data.


Real-world evidence analytics, data visualization, and cohort building platform


Near real-time analytics enables rapid analysis of diverse data sources


Standards based, formally validated platform allows you to bring your own data or use immediately with Veradigm Insights data

Evalytica Can Help You:

  • Create patient cohorts with terminology consistency across data sources
  • Create repeatable retrospective studies with reusable cohorts and health events
  • Run analysis on patient populations in minutes rather than days

How it Works

Powerful, Fast, Transparent

Whether you are using third-party data, your own in-house data, or Veradigm’s large-scale, integrated EHR and claims dataset, Evalytica provides the power and capabilities to address your research needs.

Evalytica Features:

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Visualize Real World Use A growing repository of pre-built Analysis Apps provides extensive analytic capabilities

  • Offers a guided setup process for basic and advanced analysis
  • Rapidly generates both graphical and tabular results
  • Easily consumes and reuses pre-defined cohorts and health events

Bring Your Own Data Evalytica works well with any standardized health dataset

  • Built on the OMOP common data model which allows us you to easily and consistently work with many commercialized health care datasets
  • Designed to work with most health care data sources including real-world data directly from EHRs, claims, and registries

Analysis Communities Collaborate in real time on study protocols and definitions. Discuss, communicate, and disseminate results

  • Streamlines and aligns communications across internal and external teams
  • Enables real-time collaboration among team members
  • Simplifies communication and coordination of reporting

Transparent + Reproducible Open standards-based platform supports interoperability and produces results that are transparent and reproducible

  • Uses standard data formats and published analytic methods that provide transparency and yield results that may be used in publications or submissions
  • Allows you to curate, search, share, and re-use libraries of patient cohorts and health events
  • Is built on the OMOP common data model rather than proprietary data models
  • Is 21 CHR 11 compliant for both the platform and output

Data Exploration Beautiful data describing visualizations to help you conceptualize your data

  • View top level database characteristics with the touch of a button
  • View both graphical and tabular results from each app allowing for easy synthesis of results

Clinical Data Enjoy easy use with EHR data

  • Use Evalytica with pre-loaded Veradigm Insights data, the largest EHR based ambulatory dataset available, for fast data access
  • Use Lab Orders, Lab Results, Vitals, and Care Setting EHR data attributes as part of your analyses

Flexible Licensing Models

  • Evalytica offers subscription or project-based pricing.
  • Ask us about using Evalytica with Veradigm Insights data!
  • Ask us about our free trial.
  • Contact us for the license that works for you.

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