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Veradigm offers practice management software (Veradigm Practice Management) for independent healthcare organizations to effortlessly manage front-office and back-office operations for easy scheduling, billing and claims processing.

Is Your Practice the Right Kind of Busy?

Managing a medical practice is easier now than ever before. Veradigm Practice Management is one of the most advanced practice management solutions for today’s healthcare providers.

Our standalone healthcare software technology helps ensure that the administrative and billing elements of your practice run seamlessly so that healthcare organizations can focus on delivering top-notch care to patients.

How Veradigm Practice Management can help you

Veradigm Practice Management is a leader in practice management software technology that’s designed for physician practices and healthcare systems of all sizes and specialties.

Our award-winning software focuses on streamlining operational efficiencies and helping recover every dollar earned – and enabling practices to deliver the best care for patients.

Reduce administrative costs for front and back office
With 98% first pass clean claims rate1, improve the claims process and reduce A/R time
Enhance collections and profitability
Meet tighter compliance and security mandates
Focus on patient care and outcomes

Healthcare providers can leverage practice management software to enhance their services, helping patients get the care they need.

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Key Features:

Veradigm Practice Management has an array of smart and intuitive healthcare software technology to enable your organization to maximize operational efficiencies and to stay on top of revenue cycle.

  • Office Manager
    Office Manager is a virtual workspace for back and front office staff. Create highly customizable workflows to allow users the ability to manage specific areas of your revenue cycle, including referrals, eligibility, pending claims, and unpaid claims.
  • Predictive Scheduler
    The future of scheduling technology is here today. Predictive Scheduler (formerly Guided Scheduling) uses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to forecast which patients may have more pressing needs. This powerful technology enables practices to create a schedule that automatically prioritizes those visits while minimizing impact to already-scheduled patients.
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  • Claim Verification
    With Claim Verification, practices can submit clean claims, prevent revenue leakage, and minimize back-office rework. Users are empowered with the ability to store, configure, and optionally set failed statuses on returned edits, including demographic coding and payer specific rejection scenarios, at the point of entry.
  • Easier Medical Billing Through System Rule Manager
    System Rule Manager not only finds coding errors based on a multitude of possible conditions, but it can also correct them in real time. Staff can elect to have errors push to a work queue for further review. Easily configured on the fly, the Rules Engine reduces days in AR and time spent working denials that could have been prevented – all which improves the bottom line.
  • Task Automations
    Free your staff to work on patient-facing activities or other priorities. Whether it’s medical billing, patient scheduling, or even patient engagement, our practice management technology eliminates redundant and tedious tasks through automation.
  • Quality Patient Data through Address Verification
    Enhance patient contact data using our Address Verification feature powered by Melissa Data. This feature ensures patient address information is standardized and captured accurately at the point of care, providing quality patient data.

Why Veradigm Practice Management

Revenue Cycle Management Leaders
Black Book ranked Veradigm Practice Management #1 for practices 50+ and in the Top 5 for other practice sizes. Veradigm’s clearinghouse Payerpath was also ranked #1 in 2022 and 2023.
Advanced Scheduling Software
Practices no longer need to depend on wait lists or cancellations to squeeze in patients who need to be seen urgently. Veradigm Practice Management maximizes provider schedules with tools that help manage walk-ins, cancellations, and recurring appointments.
Robust Reporting for Actionable Decisions
Managing revenue cycle through Veradigm Practice Management means that healthcare organizations can rely on a single financial platform as the source of truth to make informed decisions, maintaining a financially and operationally healthy practice.

Minimize errors with automated, customized claims management workflows allows you to review and resolve claims before submitting to payers. Users can also distribute work queues automatically with pre-defined work lists, based on preferences.

From scheduling to patient check in to billing to denial management, automation enables the front and back-office work efficiently together.
Tap into the Veradigm Network
Veradigm Practice Management integrates with various healthcare companies to help practices further optimize their workflows as they see fit. Looking for an EOB scanning solution? Additional credit card processing solutions? The Veradigm Network’s community of companies is at your fingertips.
  1. Internal data on file as of March 2023

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