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Physician practices must monitor their financial and operational performance for optimal and profitable outcomes. To help maintain healthy financials, practices must focus on reducing rejected or denied claims, maximizing staff productivity, and closely tracking full reimbursements and patient payments.

Veradigm Practice Management (formerly Allscripts Practice Management) is a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution for physician practices of all sizes and specialties, including those associated with health systems as provider-based practices, that can help boost practices’ operational efficiencies and productivity.

Veradigm Practice Management can help you:

  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Meet tighter compliance and security mandates
  • Enhance collections and profitability

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Maintaining a Financially Healthy Practice

Veradigm Practice Management helps you boost practice productivity and efficiency while optimizing financial resources.

Efficient Scheduling
Maximizes provider schedules with tools that help manage walk-ins, cancellations, and recurring appointments

Minimizes errors with automated, customized claims management workflows: allows you to review and resolve claims before submitting to payers

Defines how users retrieve financial information based on department rules and manages records by practice, division, department, and physician

Helps obtain real-time referrals, verify insurance eligibility, handle complex insurance plans and increase patient collections at the time of visit

Enables users to distribute work queues automatically with pre-defined work lists, based on preferences

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Key Features

Veradigm Practice Management is a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution for physician practices of all sizes and specialties. Key features include:

  • Flexible scheduling - Flexible scheduling options offer the ability to freeze and release schedules, while also enabling users to switch appointment time slot availability days in advance or within the same day to ensure greater efficiency.
  • Streamlined processes - Advanced check-in features streamline front-desk processes. Front-desk operators have options to enable guided workflows that improve the collection rate and process, while also having a centralized area to view eligibility status and respond directly from the Quick Pay dialog, which assists with collecting the correct amount due for each visit.
  • Guided scheduling - Our Guided Scheduling feature uses artificial intelligence to ensure schedules are optimized. To do this, it leverages data to meet overall business goals while driving additional revenue, reducing schedule churn, and automating individual provider scheduling preferences.
  • Real-time reporting - Easily access real-time information on charges, payments, claim statuses, current A/R aging and coding trends to help measure financial performance.
  • Streamline vouchers - System Rule Manager enables users to create rules that can invoke change on vouchers before a claim is created, while also delivering the ability to qualify items based on various criteria found on a voucher, such as provider, payer, department, procedure code, diagnosis code, etc.
  • Tasking - Create Tasks based on various criteria found on a voucher and deliver qualifying vouchers to a Tasking Queue that can be assigned to an operator or an operator group for review and action in Office Manager prior to claim submission.

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