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With a mobile-first approach, Veradigm FollowMyHealth helps meet patients on their terms and delivers patient accessibility with an integrated approach to patient engagement.

A complete patient care experience promotes a collaborative environment with ease of access and convenience. Veradigm FollowMyHealth (formerly FollowMyHealth) offers a real-time gateway across demographic groups, while producing an immediate, proven value for independent practices and health systems.

With growing healthcare utilization, FollowMyHealth brings timing and technology together, improving both the patient and healthcare provider’s experiences. FollowMyHealth integrates agnostically across electronic health records (EHRs), presenting a unified view of a patient’s record.

Veradigm FollowMyHealth can help you:

  • Improve patient satisfaction and revenue generation
  • Streamline the patient experience and drive measurable value
  • Eliminates the need for disparate patient engagement solutions

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A cloud-based approach, the FollowMyHealth Patient Engagement Platform is a mobile-first tool for patients and healthcare organizations. With a single point-of-access, patients can get the timely information they need more efficiently.

Patients are equipped with personalized content throughout their care journey enabling active participation in their treatment plan, health, and wellness.

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Key Features

FollowMyHealth changes the engagement conversation for ambulatory and acute healthcare practices – before, during, and after patient visits.

Before-Visit Engagement Features:

  • Patient outreach communication — Directly integrates with practice management solutions with appointment confirmations, waitlists, and reminders with direct cancellation, overdue appointments, education, and office closures

  • Appointment self-scheduling — Patients select providers of choice and schedule on their own time, improving operational efficiency

  • Electronic check-in & clinical assessments — Allows for mobile or tablet pre-appointment check in

During-Visit Engagement Features:

  • Simplify intake process and enhance patient safety — Ability to deploy the mobile check-in feature to decrease face-to-face interactions and deliver safer care when necessary

  • Telehealth Virtual Modalities of Care —

    • For email visits: Patients who need care after hours or who don’t have time to wait for an appointment can answer questions based on their reason for visit, and FollowMyHealth will initiate a secure exchange between provider and patient

    • For video visits: Real-time video clinical consultation – either scheduled on on-demand - via a smartphone, tablet, or computer with their selected provider

After-Visit Engagement Features:

  • After visit summaries, instructions, and education — Sent via text and maintained for long-term access

  • Leverage remote patient monitoring — Create patient goals and capture patient data via wireless and wearable devices. Initiate interventions as needed to influence behavior and impact outcomes

FollowMyHealth: Driving Results for Healthcare Practices

More engaged patients can contribute to increased patient satisfaction, enhanced quality of care, and improved patient outcomes. All of which can drive measurable value for FollowMyHealth clients.

  • Increase patient satisfaction — FollowMyHealth platform meets the patient expectations as a connection tool for greater accessibility, while remaining active in their treatment plans and wellness

  • Data consolidation from disparate EHR systems — FollowMyHealth captures and collects a clear longitudinal patient health record

  • Improving outcomes and increasing revenue — Cost effective patient engagement strategy that keeps patients and families engaged and informed improves care and drives measurable value

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