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Tap into the Power of the Veradigm Network with Veradigm Real-World Data Solutions

When sourced from disparate electronic health records (EHRs), administrative claims databases, clinical data registries, and other siloed sources, real-world data (RWD) are often fragmented and difficult to work with. Your teams are moving fast to solve today’s health challenges and can’t afford to waste valuable time and resources with messy RWD that is inconsistent and cumbersome.

Veradigm’s Real World Data solutions are purpose-built for research and provide streamlined access to over 174 million patient records by combining multiple EHR data sources within the Veradigm Network, and through collaboration with other EHR providers.

Our real-world data sets can help you:

  • Spend less time managing fragmented data, and more time on the analysis that drives results
  • Achieve faster results with RWD that is purpose-built for research, curated, and harmonized directly from the point-of-care
  • Draw meaningful research insights from the geographic, demographic, and social diversity found within Veradigm Real-World Data

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Key Features

  • Not limited by payer type or payment
  • Wide range of practices
  • Designed to optimize life sciences research
  • Facilitates linking to other data types
  • Patient linking across providers
  • Standardized definitions across EHRs

Flexibility, Designed to Fit Your RWD Needs

Veradigm Real-World Data offers a variety of Real World Data solutions, designed to fit your research needs. Through the power of the Veradigm Network, you can access cohorts of data across a variety of therapeutic areas, including, cardiology, metabolic, neurological disorders, circulatory, respiratory, and musculoskeletal and connective tissue diseases.

When licensing data from Veradigm, you can define a patient cohort based on diagnosis, treatment, or demographics and receive all records for those patients, or you can license the entire Veradigm Network EHR dataset.

Veradigm Network EHR Data captures observational fields that can provide value to researchers, such as allergy information, race and ethnicity, immunization name and status, history, lab name and value, among others. It also includes biometric data such as BMI, height, weight, diastolic, and systolic blood pressure values.

Veradigm Network EHR Data
Veradigm Network EHR Data provides deidentified real world data from an extensive national population of patients drawn from physician practices using a variety of EHR products.

Veradigm Network EHR Data is built from ambulatory EHRs—where most of the care and patient record generation happens in the United States. It is one of the largest EHR data products designed for research purposes.

Veradigm Integrated Claims Data
Linking EHR to claims data provides insight into the patients’ full continuum of care. Gain a deeper understanding of the patient journey with Veradigm Integrated Claims Data.

Veradigm Cardiology Registry
Veradigm Cardiology Registry (formerly PINNACLE Registry) is cardiology’s largest outpatient quality improvement registry, capturing data on coronary artery disease, hypertension, heart failure and atrial fibrillation.

Veradigm Metabolic Registry
Veradigm Metabolic Registry (formerly Diabetes Collaborative Registry) is the first clinical ambulatory registry aimed at tracking and improving the quality of diabetes and cardiometabolic care across the primary and specialty care continuum.

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