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Veradigm delivers a unique combination of point-of-care clinical and financial solutions, a commitment to open interoperability, a large and diverse healthcare provider footprint, along with industry proven expert insights.

Connect with us regarding a planned event where Veradigm will be attending. Discuss our integrated healthcare solutions prior to the event or possibly schedule time with us at the event.

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Veradigm attracts leaders in healthcare, technology, and innovation, seeking to work with us to deliver next-generation insights and solutions to the benefit the healthcare ecosystem with the objective being to improve healthcare quality while lowering the cost of healthcare.

The Veradigm Network features proven platforms and solutions along with a dynamic community of companies providing advanced insights, technology, and data-driven solutions, all working together to transform healthcare and advance value, insightfully.

Healthcare Provider Solutions

Veradigm offers your practice a suite of easy-to-use healthcare provider solutions that help streamline your clinical and financial workflows. Reduce administrative burden, improve your practices financial performance, and enhance patient satisfaction with Veradigm provider solutions.

Practice Management
A comprehensive financial platform that allows your front-office and back-office operations to run smoothly, ideal for physician practices of all sizes and specialties Learn More >
Practice Fusion and Veradigm EHR – electronic health record systems designed to support ambulatory physician practices in providing more informed patient care, streamlining workflows, and improving practice profitability Learn More >
A clearinghouse with a comprehensive suite of end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions built to assist organizations with improving revenue and streamline communications with payers and patients Learn More >
Expert billing support that can handle all aspects of clinical billing to help you get paid faster Learn More >

Health Plan and Payer

Managed care organizations, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), insurance companies, health plans, and other payers need to balance controlling costs with the goal of providing the highest quality of care and optimizing health outcomes for their members. Veradigm’s solutions include:

Delivering precise, advanced risk adjustment algorithms to identify optimal intervention strategies for gap closure opportunities Learn More >
Applies precision analytics to identify health plan members with open care gaps who would warrant inclusion in the numerator of each quality metric empowering you to make the most effective use of your intervention budget, simultaneously saving you money while improving member health Learn More >
Speeds and simplifies the encounter submission process while helping health plans ensure complete, accurate and compliant encounters Learn More >
Optimize payer-provider interactions in order to choreograph gap closure efforts to be as efficient and effective as possible Learn More >
Embed analytics in provider workflow and automate extraction of CCD Learn More >
Connect to your providers, regardless of their clearinghouse, from a single point of contact Learn More >

Life Science

Veradigm’s portfolio of solutions provides insights using real-world data directly sourced from the Veradigm Network. These solutions can help you discover timely, actionable real-world evidence to improve patient experience and outcomes, and demonstrate how your products can benefit appropriate patient populations.

Actionable, research-ready data that allows researchers to focus on patient populations specific to their area of interest instead of the entire population Learn More >
Purpose-built for research and provide streamlined access to over 172 million patient records by combining multiple EHR data sources within the Veradigm Network, and through collaboration with other EHR providers Learn More >
Enhance your epidemiology, health economics and outcomes research and market access initiatives using real-world insights provided by Veradigm data experts Learn More >
Large-scale chronic disease network with more than 20,000 clinicians, plus patient records for over 20 million patients Learn More >
Reach targeted providers at the point-of-care in a channel they use every day – their EHR Learn More >