Veradigm® Diagnostic Ordering and Results Network (DORN): Streamline EHR Integrations with Laboratory / Radiology Centers

Video  |  29 December 2023

At Veradigm, we know that laboratories and radiology centers need healthcare providers to utilize streamlined connections that allow orders to be transmitted and results returned rapidly, directly to the providers’ EHRs.

Traditionally, though, connections between EHRs and laboratory/radiology center partners were completed individually. Each connection required time and resources for the initial integration and testing, maintaining the connection, and maintaining an up-to-date compendium for each integration.

That’s why Veradigm offers streamlined EHR integrations into our cloud-based hub, integrations that connect clients to hundreds of laboratories and radiology centers via a single API integration: the Diagnostic Ordering and Results Network (DORN).

DORN provides secure access between EHRs and hundreds of laboratory and radiology partners. By using a standardized integration format for all EHR vendors, DORN eliminates the need for customized formats for each individual connection. DORN also helps eliminate the need for time-consuming, customized implementations and the need for EHRs to manage complex compendium updates.

Using a hub-and-spoke API connectivity model, DORN saves EHR vendors time and resources on EHR integrations, eliminating costs for implementation, project management, and ongoing system maintenance. At the same time, increased system uptime—99.9% uptime reliability—can help increase customer satisfaction.1 DORN may also provide EHR vendors the opportunity to generate revenue on individual transactions via Veradigm’s revenue share model.

DORN benefits physician practices by providing rapid integration with any laboratory/radiology center in Veradigm’s growing network, usually in 24 hours or less. DORN helps ease practices’ administrative burden by enabling them to submit laboratory/radiology center orders from directly within the EHR workflow; monitor order status with near real-time visibility; and receive results electronically.

Please check out this brief video to learn more, or contact us to learn how DORN can provide streamlined integration between your EHR and the laboratories and radiology centers in our growing network.

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  1. Internal Data on File, November 2023.

Video Transcript

Veradigm network partner solutions are designed to support healthcare information technology vendors with interoperability challenges, ePrescribing, lab and radiology ordering and much more. Veradigm brings value to our members and clients through easy to use API’s that streamline workflows and provide advanced capabilities, which can contribute to help improve clinical and financial outcomes. In this video, we’ll explore the benefits of the Veradigm diagnostic ordering and results network, or DORN.

DORN is a cloud based ordering and results network allowing access to more than 500 lab and radiology centers through a single connection. New labs and radiology centers are added each month to our continually growing network. Typically, connections between EHRs and laboratory or radiology centers are point to point individual interfaces between the physician practice and a specific lab. In some cases, a third party is used to build and maintain these interfaces. Either method requires time and resources to integrate and maintain the connection and to update the Compendium for each integration.

DORN simplifies and improves this process. When an EHR connects to the Veradigm DORN network. EHR users gain access to hundreds of laboratory and radiology centers with a single API based integration that is managed for each EHR physician client practice. Connected EHRs are usually able to rapidly provide physician practices with access to any laboratory and or radiology center in the paradigm during network. The Veradigm DORN network simplifies laboratory and or radiology ordering and delivers results within the existing providers current EHR workflow.

Veradigm DORN saves time, administrative effort and financial resources. Providers benefit from improved Compendium management, the collection of datasets, faster connections to new labs and radiology centers, standardized ordering workflow and a common results format.

For more information on how the Veradigm Diagnostic Ordering and Results Network can help EHRs and your clients easily connect laboratories and radiology centers, saving you both time and expense. Contact us today at and join the Veradigm Network.

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