Health Technology and EHR Solutions for Orthopedic Practices

Configure Your EHR and Practice Management Solutions for Orthopedic Practices

At Veradigm, we understand the unique challenges that orthopedic practices face. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing top-tier Electronic Health Record (EHR) and practice management solutions tailored specifically to meet the needs of orthopedic surgeons and their teams.

Advanced Clinical Tools

Veradigm Orthopedic EHR

Our Orthopedic EHR is designed to meet the unique needs of orthopedic practices. It offers customizable templates, intuitive charting tools, and complete documentation capabilities. With Veradigm Orthopedic EHR, you can efficiently record patient information, access previous notes, and generate detailed reports, all while ensuring accuracy and compliance with orthopedic-specific workflows.

Customized Solutions for Orthopedic Practices

Our EHR solution is carefully crafted to align with the specialized care provided by orthopedic practices. Benefit from features such as orthopedic-specific customizable templates, image annotation capabilities, and direct ordering of diagnostic tests. Our EHR system streamlines your clinical processes, making it easier to deliver exceptional patient care.

Veradigm EHR + Veradigm FollowMyHealth

In addition to our comprehensive orthopedic EHR, Veradigm offers Veradigm FollowMyHealth, a patient portal that seamlessly integrates with our EHR system. This combination empowers orthopedic practices to enhance patient engagement and care coordination. With Veradigm FollowMyHealth, patients can access their health records, communicate securely with healthcare providers, schedule appointments, and view educational materials. This integrated solution not only streamlines practice operations but also improves the patient experience, ultimately leading to better outcomes for orthopedic patients.

Elevated Patient Engagement

Veradigm Orthopedic Patient Portal with Veradigm FollowMyHealth

Engage your patients and empower them to take an active role in their orthopedic care with our patient portal. Patients can schedule appointments, communicate securely with your practice, access educational materials, and make payments online. The patient portal enhances the patient experience and fosters better communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Integrated Scheduling and Reminders

Efficiently manage your appointment scheduling with our integrated system. Reduce missed appointments and improve patient adherence to treatment plans with automated reminders. Our scheduling tools optimize resource allocation and streamline your practice’s operations.

Financial Solutions for Orthopedic Practices

Veradigm Practice Management for Orthopedic Practices

Effective practice management is the backbone of a successful orthopedic practice. Veradigm Practice Management is tailored to streamline administrative tasks, allowing your team to efficiently handle appointments, billing, and reporting. By alleviating the administrative burden, your staff can redirect their focus towards delivering exceptional care to orthopedic patients. Our system is intricately designed to accommodate the unique needs and workflows of orthopedic practices, ensuring seamless integration into your practice.

Veradigm Payerpath for Orthopedic Practices

Veradigm Payerpath serves as our clearinghouse solution, specifically crafted to assist orthopedic practices in ensuring accurate and timely claims submission and processing. The complexities of managing insurance claims can be daunting, but Payerpath simplifies the process by automating key steps. It meticulously verifies claims for errors before submission, reducing the likelihood of rejections or delays. With Veradigm Payerpath, orthopedic practices can significantly enhance their clean claim rate, ultimately optimizing their revenue cycle efficiency.

Veradigm Revenue Cycle Services for Orthopedic Practices

Efficiently managing the revenue cycle is paramount to the success of any orthopedic practice. Veradigm Revenue Cycle Services is designed to optimize your medical billing processes. Leveraging experts who have 30+ years of collective experience, we aim to increase your practice’s revenue, reduce operational costs, and enhance cash flow. Our dedicated team of revenue cycle experts collaborates closely with your orthopedic practice, identifying areas for improvement and implementing effective strategies. This enables you to prioritize patient care while maintaining the financial health of your practice.

Innovative Features for Orthopedic Practitioners

Veradigm Orthopedic

EHR comes equipped with features tailored to orthopedic and sports medicine practitioners:

  • Customizable Templates: Access a library of pre-made templates designed specifically for orthopedics, from patient intake forms to pain reporting.

  • ASC Optimization: Seamlessly manage workflows between ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) and your office with native applications.

  • Clinical Photos: Capture HIPAA-compliant high-resolution clinical photos, annotate them, and integrate them into patient records.

  • e-Prescribe and EPCS: Order medications directly during patient exams and utilize e-prescription functionalities.

  • Lab Accessibility: Directly order diagnostic tests and integrate results from a wide range of diagnostic labs and radiology centers.

  • Efficient Medical Claim Submission: Simplify insurance checks and automate ICD-10 and CPT code population for billing accuracy.

Why Choose Veradigm?

With Veradigm, you gain access to configurable clinical & financial solutions that understand the unique needs of orthopedic practices. Our commitment to streamlining administrative processes, enhancing revenue cycle efficiency, and providing top-tier support allows orthopedic practices to thrive. We bring a wealth of experience in healthcare technology and revenue cycle management to help you achieve operational excellence and deliver the best possible care to your patients. Choose Veradigm and experience the difference in optimizing both your practice’s financial health and patient care outcomes.

See how Dr. Patella transforms his orthopedic practices with Veradigm’s comprehensive solutions.

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