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Easily Manage Your Financials, Staff Burnout, and Supply Chain with a Single Solution

Healthcare has navigated unprecedented changes in recent years and is evolving fast. Veradigm Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps to reduce the risk that comes from supply chain disruptions, clinician and staff burnout and financial pressures.

Veradigm ERP Integrated Solutions enhance an organization’s ability to effectively manage their supply chain and financials with a single solution, enabling managers to gain new insight into and gain better control over their success, along with the ability to manage expense and capital that is critical to the overall financial health of an organization.

Veradigm Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) includes:

  • Veradigm Fiscal Management
  • Veradigm Supply Chain
  • Veradigm Human Capital Management
  • Point of Use

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Managing Financial Pressures

Veradigm Fiscal Management is an easy-to-use accounts payable, general ledger, project management and fixed asset solution that helps your organization streamline processes, eliminate paperwork, analyze data, and identify substantial cost savings throughout the enterprise.

ACH Payments
Offers same day electronic payments to automate the payment process

Transaction Flexibility
Provides the ability to limit transactions by date to be included in closing period

Reverse Disposals
Ensures quick recovery of retired assets

Real-time Processing
Provides immediate, updated financial information so users get quick answers regarding inventory management and financial impact with integration between the modules

Increase Productivity
Reduces time and error by eliminating time-consuming manual reconciliation

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Linking Supply Chain

Veradigm Supply Chain links the entire supply chain into a single, integrated process, providing single to multi-entity healthcare organizations with accurate, up-to-the-minute operational information that helps forecast supply needs, streamline processes, automate ordering, reduce overall costs, and increase productivity.

Touchless Buying
Automates the entire requisitioning through procurement process - freeing up time to focus on more value-add functions

Alternate Sourcing Options
Adapts quickly to changes in availability with upfront identification of acceptable item substitutions and automates sourcing decisions to supply availability

Go-Anywhere Automation
Provides flexibility with use of mobile devices to complete critical functions where needed, these include inventory searches, cycle counts, on-hand quantity searches and pick tickets

Digitized Inventory Process
Establishes single source of truth and automation from order-to-delivery to real-time on-hand status enables end-to-end supply chain visibility

Actionable Insights and Analytics
Enhances supply chain resilience by providing insight to savings opportunities from contract overspend, total spend analysis and standardization opportunities

Streamlining Staffing Effort

Veradigm ERP is purpose built for healthcare and automates processes to reduce manual, redundant efforts and increase productivity across all functional areas. Mobile devices and scanning functions further streamline functions and enhance data capture.

Purpose-built Workflow
Reduces time spent on transactions and allows more time delivering patient care with workflow including automation and built specifically for healthcare

Utilizes standard Microsoft tool bars for quick adaptation and training

Data Integration
Eliminates double data entry through integration between clinical systems (EHR, OR, Cardiology) to automate supply replenishment and patient charge capture

Mobile & Bedside Patient Supply Scanning
Automates workflow to capture supply usage, on-hand quantity, and applicable patient charge capture with a single scan to increase productivity and ensure accurate patient charge capture

Mobile Real-time Inventory Status
Saves time searching for supplies with real-time access to item availability across the organization

Bar Code Scanning
Captures through single scan: critical data elements, such as, lot #, serial number, expiration date saving time and ensuring accuracy of data

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Experience the Difference

  • Made for healthcare—Supply Chain Solutions is the only supply chain application designed specifically for healthcare and is scalable for single or multiple facilities.

  • Proven vendor and solution—Fiscal Management and Supply Chain Solutions have 20+ years of proven experience as a vendor-agnostic system that can interface with all of the top 10 EHR and revenue cycle solutions.

  • Easily transmit data—Full electronic data interchange (EDI) e-commerce embedded within the solution to transmit and receive procurement data directly into the purchasing application.

  • Single source—The Punch-Out features enables one source for all procurement activities and controls.

  • Fully integrated, agnostic solution—Supply Chain Solutions and Fiscal Management interface with most major EHR systems, and there is full integration between Fiscal Management and Supply Chain Solutions.

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Manage financial pressures, link your supply chain, and streamline your staffing efforts with Veradigm Enterprise Resource Planning solutions.

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