Help improve outcomes and minimize risk for patients with seamless care gap alerting in your EHR workflow

Veradigm Payer Insights is a dynamic new solution available to healthcare providers which enables them to access care gap alerts, within the patient’s electronic health record (EHR), from a network of 100+ payers. Alerts contain relevant, patient-specific considerations for the provider to evaluate, respond and address with the patient.

Gap closure is a key component of improving overall patient care and outcomes, but healthcare providers aren’t always aware of every gap that exists for their patients. If documentation of those gaps is not accessible at the point of care, during the provider’s normal workflow for the patient visit, the potential for positive impact on care is reduced.


  • No more logging in and out of numerous different portals specific to each health plan − Veradigm Payer Insights alerts are integrated into the provider’s & support staff’s existing workflows in a seamless, upfront, and user-friendly manner.
  • That means providers and their staff do not have to waste time and energy seeking out care gaps and responding but can integrate addressing them directly into their everyday approach to patient care.

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Veradigm Payer Insights - How does it work?

At present, closing care gaps is a manual paper-based process that requires your staff’s time and energy and can delay action for the patient. In addition, the process can be error-prone and unsecure, or out of date, resulting in rework, repetition, confusion.

If you want to improve care, closing gaps is part of the solution. Only Veradigm Payer Insights connects you to an EHR-agnostic architecture that leverages Veradigm’s existing connections to 300k+ providers, and 100+ health plans, and as well as multiple large-scale EHRs

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