Patient Solutions

Expect More From Your Office Visits—and Get It

Tap Into the Power of Veradigm

From office appointment scheduling to care plan reminders, Veradigm can help you and your doctor throughout your course of care—even if it is just a checkup.

Our solutions can help you by:

  • Improving communication with your doctor and healthcare team
  • Providing you with the disease and medication information you would like to see
  • Ensuring that the medication your doctor prescribes is offered at the lowest cost and available at the pharmacy of your choice

Ask your doctor to provide this type of information to you on every visit. Encourage them to contact us or visit this site for more information.

Health Empowerment

Appointment Reminders Be notified via your preferred communication method

  • Get messages about cancellations, new appointments, rescheduling, and Fusion enrollment
  • Receive personalized email (“opt-out” anytime)
  • Make it easier for you to provide important feedback to your physician

Veradigm RxTruePrice™ (prescription price transparency) Get drug price information at the point of care

  • Ask your physician to give you comprehensive drug price information at the point of care
  • Know about generic alternatives, coupons, vendor-sponsored patient financial assistance programs, and price with (and without) insurance at local pharmacies

Patient Financial Assistance Learn about financial assistance programs

  • Let physicians know which financial assistance programs are available to you
  • Get prescription coupons when your physician prescribes medications
  • Help reduce your out-of-pocket cost and make it easier to take medications as prescribed
  • Apply coupon savings automatically at the pharmacy (when available). In other cases, your physician can print out a physical coupon to take to the pharmacy.

Accelerated Medication Approval Automate insurance and regulatory approvals

  • Reduce the waiting time required for additional approvals for your prescription medications from insurance companies
  • Ask your physician to electronically submit many medications for authorization or approval

Patient Education Know considerations for specific medications

  • Ask your physician if they are automatically informed of opportunities to educate you on important considerations for specific medications
  • Help ensure patient safety and satisfaction when taking medications

Speak with Veradigm today to request a demonstration or for more information on how we can help you meet your goals

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