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E-statement online payment platform and digital delivery for statements and multiple modes of payment.

Veradigm Intelligent Payments

Veradigm Intelligent Payments offers healthcare organizations the ability to engage with patients digitally for delivery of patient statement and collection letter communications and applies analytics to develop individualized patient communications to improve billing, payments, and the overall patient experience.

Veradigm Intelligent Payments can help you:

  • Achieve overall patient loyalty by enhancing the payment experience with empathy
  • Improve your office’s call center abandonment rate and hold times by lowering call volume
  • Improve collections by having a precise approach for each patient

Veradigm Intelligent Payments
Basic Bundle

  • Digital first approach
  • Best practice journey

Veradigm Intelligent Payments
Premium Bundle

  • Analytics driven approach
  • Patient payment scoring
  • Patient Preferred communication channels

Veradigm Intelligent Payments Basic Bundle

Veradigm’s Intelligent Payments basic bundle solution applies next-generation technology to your practice’s billing, payment, and collection notification processes, giving your patients the opportunity to self-manage their financial responsibility using a digital workflow.

Example of a Patient Journey with Veradigm’s Basic Bundle
Example of a Patient Journey with Veradigm’s Premium Bundle

Example of a Patient Journey with Veradigm’s Basic Bundle

Veradigm’s Basic Bundle can help you:

  • Improve the patient experience by increasing engagement
  • Eliminate waste
  • Collect faster to lower your A/R
  • Generate accurate billing

Included in the Basic Bundle is our eStatement with Online Bill Pay

Veradigm eStatements with Online Bill Pay enables patients to make payments on their statements, presenting their financial responsibility, and offering multiple payment methods from a dedicated patient engagement platform. Through integration with your billing system, patient payments are posted back automatically and seamlessly.

Options for your Basic Bundle

With Deviceless Payments your patients can make their payments via their personal device. This allows you to:

  • Enable payments in a call center or point-of-service location
  • Eliminate the need for a card terminal payment device
  • Offer a more secure payment experience
  • Help keep frequently touched areas germ free
  • Realize savings on operational expenses

With optional Inbound Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) patients can process payments over the phone. With this optional capability your practice will be able to:

  • Encourage self-service payments
  • Optimize labor costs
  • Collect faster to lower AR days
  • Enhance existing engagement channels
  • Help patients self-manage financial obligations

Veradigm Intelligent Payments Premium Bundle

Veradigm Intelligent Payments Premium Bundle includes all the functionality of the Basic Bundle AND supplements the core capabilities with smart analytics and scoring to better understand each patient’s communication preferences and payment abilities.

  • Channel score - Know precisely which patient communications channel (print, email, text, or phone) is the best for each individual patient.
  • Propensity to pay score - Understand the extent that an individual patient can pay their financial obligations.
  • Payment plan optimization score - Fine-tune a prescribed payment plan amount and duration that you should initially offer a patient.
  • Financial Assistance score - Accelerate a patient’s best financial outcome by proactively identifying whether he/she qualifies for financial assistance.

How does it Work?

It begins with the receipt of a statement file. Messages are tailored considering each person’s preferences for communication channels, their ability to pay along with an understanding of how a patient responds to a practice’s outreach.

In addition to analytics, scoring and all the components of the Basic Bundle, the Premium Bundle comes standard with Deviceless Payments, Interactive Voice Recognition, and Payerpath Return Mail Manager which automates return mail-handling service that helps manage and report on undeliverable Payerpath Patient Statements and Payerpath Collect letters returned to the office.

Example of a Patient Journey with Veradigm’s Premium Bundle
Example of a Patient Journey with Veradigm’s Premium Bundle

Example of a Patient Journey with Veradigm’s Premium Bundle

The Veradigm Intelligent Payments Journey

  • A patient’s Journey is specific to their score based on analytics
  • A medium propensity is more likely to receive text or email notifications and interact with the portal to make payment or create a payment plan
  • There is an expected behavior for a medium propensity patient to pay in full or enroll in a payment plan

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