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Video  |  06 January 2022

There are numerous point-of-care media advertising alternatives fighting for your attention. Veradigm TouchPoint Media can help deliver your messaging across multiple EHR platforms, however, not all point-of-care media vendors are alike.

Veradigm TouchPoint Media offers more. TouchPoint Media reaches one of the largest EHR provider audiences in the U.S. TouchPoint Media also delivers awareness messaging at multiple points within the patient/provider encounter.1,2

What Differentiates Veradigm TouchPoint Media?

Veradigm is a point of patient care EHR software provider as well as a point-of-care media vendor. Using Veradigm, your messaging isn’t simply delivered to healthcare providers using their EHR, Veradigm TouchPoint Media enables you to leverage de-identified real-time EHR data to deliver highly targeted awareness messaging.

With TouchPoint Media, you can:

  • Target messaging to providers who can be reached with awareness messaging (rather than reached only with financial messaging or coupons)
  • Among those, target messaging specifically to providers of interest
  • Target providers in specific therapeutics areas

In addition, only TouchPoint Media enables you to reach providers with both financial and awareness messaging, including banner media and electronic coupons.

Veradigm® has been a leader in point-of-care media for over a decade. Check out this brief video to learn more, or contact us to discover how Veradigm TouchPoint Media can help you reach your target audience.

1. No biopharma or device advertisements appear during the prescribing workflow consistent with applicable law.
2. All messaging is delivered in a manner compliant with HIPAA and all other applicable laws.

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