Veradigm AccelRx™

Veradigm AccelRx—Expedite Fulfillment for All Your Specialty Medications

As the number of specialty medications has risen, so too has the demand for solutions capable of reducing the complexity of specialty medication fulfillment. To receive their specialty medication, a patient’s prescription must pass through a broad cross-section of healthcare industry stakeholders, from biopharma companies and payers, to specialty pharmacies and specialty medication hubs.

Combining one of healthcare’s largest prescriber bases with broad industry partnerships built over decades of e-prescribing and prior authorization leadership, Veradigm AccelRx delivers a unique software platform designed to streamline specialty medication fulfillment, helping providers spend less time on phone calls and faxes while driving higher medication adherence and satisfaction for their patients.

Without AccelRx

With AccelRx

  • Engage a limited number of prescribers
  • Access more than 100,000 prescribers
  • Accept extended time-to-fulfillment for specialty drugs
  • Expedite Rx fulfillment for all your specialty drugs
  • Rely on third-party Prior Authorization (PA)
  • Empower providers to go beyond integrated PA to electronic enrollment, consent and more
  • Wait to be informed on status of orders
  • See status of your specialty medication across all stakeholders at any time
  • Most prescriptions for your specialty drug done manually on paper and faxed
  • Maximize electronic prescribing of your specialty drugs

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A One-of-a-Kind Solution for a First-of-its-Kind Challenge

Unlike online portals specific to a single payer or drug, Veradigm AccelRx™ is an EHR-integrated, all-in-one solution that streamlines prescribing and fulfillment for all specialty drugs, and does so through a highly automated user experience for providers and a flexible technology that can integrate with any payer, specialty pharmacy or specialty medication hub system.

By connecting prescribers, approvers and providers of specialty medications, Veradigm is helping stakeholders across healthcare to deliver specialty medications to patients faster and with less headache for all involved.

Optimizing Specialty Medication Fulfillment by:

The High Stakes of Specialty Medications

With so much at stake, developing solutions that can help make large-scale improvements to the efficiency of filling specialty prescriptions is more than a desirable convenience—it’s a necessity.

50% of all drug spending

will be on specialty drugs in 2020, despite only representing about 3% of prescriptions

$100,000 per year

more is the average price for the five most costly specialty drugs1

80% of employers

ranked specialty prescription drugs as among the top three factors in rising healthcare costs1

Transform Specialty Medication Fulfillment for Patients—Get Veradigm AccelRx and Get Going

AccelRx can make is easier for you and your specialty medication partners to drive faster, more effective specialty medication therapy for patients.

To learn more about how Veradigm can help your company to make the most of your opportunity in this rapidly emerging segment of healthcare, click below for more information or to schedule a brief conversation with an AccelRx specialist.

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  1. National Business Group on Health, 2017 Press Release
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