How Think Healthcare Partnered with Veradigm and Medsien to Transform Patient Care

Thought Leadership  |  18 June 2024

Featured Client Story

Holidays can be quieter times in clinics, but that doesn’t mean patients don’t get sick. When a patient of Think Whole Person (Think) Healthcare experienced a spike in blood pressure during the winter holiday, care couldn’t wait until her provider returned from their break. Thankfully, Think Healthcare, together with technology providers Medsien and Veradigm, had a solution in place to help the patient get timely help.

Think Healthcare is a physician-led practice in Omaha, Nebraska. Its innovative care model combines primary care with specialists and diagnostics into a single service. Instead of encouraging patients to visit annually or when ill, Think Healthcare recommends visits every three months. Frequent visits allow providers to focus on helping patients maintain good health, which prevents visits to emergency rooms and other costly interventions.

Caring for patients during the ongoing healthcare worker shortage is a consistent struggle for practices and hospitals worldwide. Think Healthcare faced the challenge of increasing patient engagement through more personalized, connected care despite staffing challenges. In short, they wanted to do more for patients without burdening current staff or expanding their team. Their solution was investing in technology to balance care management with optimal staffing levels.

Think Healthcare used a suite of Veradigm tools to enhance operational efficiency and improve patient outcomes. However, they wanted more tools that empowered patients to take control of their health. The answer was Medsien, a healthcare software company that provides remote care management, patient support, and automated workflow. For a concrete example of the company’s services, Medsien’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) software can integrate with devices like blood pressure cuffs to record vitals in real-time and identify patients needing attention.

Think Healthcare chose Medsien’s RPM and Chronic Care Management (CCM) solutions to supplement its patient services. Medsien solutions could merge with the clinic’s existing technology using Veradigm Connect API Integration, meaning staff would not need to learn a new system or create new patient accounts. The collaboration between Medsien and Veradigm Connect led to a smooth and effective implementation with uninterrupted service delivery to patients.

The results of the partnership between Think Healthcare, Veradigm, and Medsien were far-reaching, including:

  • Reducing the need for costly emergency interventions
  • Improving patient outcomes
  • Substantial cost savings for the clinic
  • Contributing to reducing overall long-term healthcare costs

The resolution to our opening story? Medsien RPM flagged the patient’s blood pressure spike, and the patient’s pharmacist was notified through Veradigm EHR. The pharmacist made an immediate medication adjustment. Within three weeks, the patient’s blood pressure was back under control—a feat that would have taken three to six months.

Download our case study for more information on how technology collaborations can improve patient care while optimizing staffing levels.

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