Veradigm: Transforming Health, Insightfully

Video  |  03 June 2020

From the point-of-care to everyday life, Veradigm technology, analytics and intervention solutions are making a positive impact on healthcare. Our technology solutions help ensure healthcare providers have the information they need when they need it — during an office visit at the point-of-care. But medicine doesn’t stop at the physician’s office — it continues through everyday life where patients need to follow through to have tests completed, take their prescriptions or even change their lifestyles.

Veradigm supports the patient journey with services and tools that help practices connect with patients on a personal level, such as sending appointment reminders or supporting a conversation about the cost of prescription drugs. We recognize that when healthcare practices have access to tools that help them be more efficient with practice operations, they can spend more time where it matters most, with patients. We have developed services and tools that help healthcare providers manage the business of running their practices and automate otherwise manual activities, such as responding to medical chart audits. We not only offer those tools through our own Electronic Health Record (EHR), but also make many of them available to Health IT partners who use them to improve their own EHR experience, thus Veradigm is benefiting more practices and more patients.

To further improve the patient experience, we work with life science organizations to leverage our data, analytics platform, research solutions and expert staff to provide real-world insights that contribute to improving health outcomes. We also partner with organizations such as the American College of Cardiology to deliver important information and guidance from them directed toward healthcare providers for use at the point-of-care.

Watch our video featuring comments from Veradigm leaders, partners and customers reflecting how we are transforming health, insightfully…..from the point-of-care to everyday life.

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