Deliver Higher Quality Care, More Economically with the Veradigm Network

Video  |  14 June 2022

Today’s healthcare ecosystem is a complex array that includes payers, providers, life science companies, patients, and more. The ecosystem goal is to deliver higher quality of patient care, more economically—also known as value-based care.

Reaching this goal requires more than a collection of strong individual companies. It requires merging of multiple stakeholders—a process known as convergence.

It requires unconnected systems, data, and companies to come together to create an open, coordinated network, which is what the Veradigm® Network is designed to do.

What is the Veradigm Network?

Some healthcare companies provide clinical data, others focus on providing insights through data analysis, others serve healthcare providers directly by providing software to support point-of-care services and patient management.

Veradigm does it all, through the power of the Veradigm Network.

Veradigm brings together multiple solutions and partners to form the Veradigm Network, a dynamic, open community providing advanced insights, technology, and data-driven solutions.

Our scope and depth of resources allows solutions to be customized, making the Veradigm Network both effective and efficient. While our individual businesses have the autonomy to respond to specific market needs, the Veradigm Network optimizes synergies between these businesses and solutions, allowing them to work together to transform healthcare, insightfully.

Veradigm’s unique combination of offerings, combined with a large healthcare provider footprint, is the reason so many leading healthcare companies choose to work with the Veradigm Network.

Check out this brief video to learn more or contact us for more information on how you can harness the power of the Veradigm Network to meet your needs.

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