Veradigm’s Jill Helm Talks Medication Affordability with Specialty Pharmacy Continuum at Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit 2019

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Blog Posts  |  01 May 2019

On Monday, April 29, at the Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit in Las Vegas, Veradigm joined with the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) for a presentation on price transparency for specialty medications to more than 300 attendees. In addition to providing an overview of the highly complex manual processes often required to gain authorizations and understand patient’s actual out-of-pocket costs for specialty medications, Jill Helm, PharmD, Vice-president of Solution Management for Veradigm presented on how Veradigm RxTruePrice™ technology is already addressing many of these challenges by delivering patient-specific cash pricing, benefit and other data on specialty medications directly into the clinical workflow of tens of thousands of prescribers. With the cost of specialty medications approaching half of the total prescription medication cost in the U.S., there is extremely high potential for positive impact from technologies that can empower providers and patients with accurate, comprehensive prescription pricing data in a way that is easy to use.

In the wake of this presentation, Specialty Pharmacy Continuum interviewed Jill on the subject of prescription price transparency for specialty medications.

To learn more about the issue of medication affordability as relates to specialty medications, and how Veradigm RxTruePrice™ is helping providers to change the conversation at the point of care in ways that can help drive improved medication adherence, patient satisfaction, and staff efficiency, click on the image below to access this brief interview on the Specialty Pharmacy Continuum website.