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Blog Posts  |  31 January 2023

Written by: Cheryl Reifsnyder, PhD

Although medications for chronic illnesses may be initially prescribed by a specialist, ongoing care for these conditions often occurs in the primary care setting. Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a perfect example. According to a position paper from the American Academy of Family of Physicians (AAFP), approximately 2 out of every 3 patients with depression receive treatment for it in the primary care setting. About 79% of prescriptions for antidepressant medications in the U.S. are written by providers who are not mental health professionals.

These factors mean that traditional marketing for antidepressant medications, which targets specialists, often bypasses general practitioners who would benefit from the medication information. On top of that, physicians are particularly difficult to reach using traditional internet marketing. The 2022 Medscape Physician Lifestyle and Happiness Report revealed that many of today’s physicians spend less than 10 non-working hours online per week, versus the average US internet user, who spends nearly 7 hours online daily.

However, physicians spend a great deal of time interacting with their electronic health records—an average of 4.5 hours per day, according to one report. Another study found that physicians spend an average of 16 minutes on their EHRs per patient encounter.

This case study shows how Veradigm Digital Health Media enabled their client to reach prescribing physicians of interest—both specialists and primary care physicians—during their point-of-care workflows.

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Try Veradigm Digital Health Media for highly targeted messages.

Veradigm provides biopharma marketers an opportunity to deliver awareness messages directly to their HCPs of interest, during the HCP normal workflow. HCPs spend significantly less time online than the average American, but they spend hours interacting with their EHRs, which is when approved medication messaging is available to them. Contact us to learn more about Veradigm Digital Health Media and how we can help you reach the physicians in your target market.

*Veradigm Digital Health Media services operate in a manner that is compliant with HIPAA and other applicable laws. In addition, the EHR displays advertisements in an iframe window adjacent to the EHR workflow that is separate and distinguishable from the clinical and practice management workflow within the EHR. No biopharma or device advertisements appear during the prescribing workflow.

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