Carequality—a Nationwide Interoperability Framework—Is Now Available with Veradigm EHR (Formerly Professional EHR)

Blog Posts  |  14 December 2022

Written by: Cheryl Reifsnyder, PhD

As of Monday, October 31, 2022 Carequality is available with Veradigm EHR (formerly Professional EHR). Carequality is available to Veradigm EHR clients without purchasing any additional software or subscriptions: Your practice will only pay for configuring your electronic health record (EHR) system to connect to the network for sending and receiving data.

What is Carequality?

Carequality is a non-profit interoperability framework enabling nationwide care coordination. According to the Carequality website, “Carequality supports secure access to health information across diverse networks, including those operated by electronic health record vendors, record locator service providers, health information exchanges, and others. The connectivity is governed by technical and policy agreements developed and maintained by a broad group of industry and government stakeholders.”

Most healthcare data-sharing networks only offer healthcare providers connectivity within their membership, and that membership is often based on geographic or technology vendor lines. Carequality delivers a solution that bypasses these limitations: A national-level, consensus-built interoperability framework that enables exchange between and among health data-sharing networks. Carequality unlocks previously unseen levels of connectivity in the healthcare ecosystem.

Participating in Carequality allows your practice to share health data with every practice, clinic, and hospital in every participating community.

Your patients benefit because you are helping create a detailed, global record of their health. If they must seek care outside your practice, they can receive well-informed treatment from providers with access to Carequality; you can also query Carequality if you need to access patient data from external providers.

How to get started

Once you are a Veradigm EHR client, you can participate in Carequality without purchasing any additional software or subscriptions. Your practice will be charged only to have your system configured to connect with the Carequality network for sending and receiving data. Simply contact Allscripts™ Inside Sales or log a case on the Client Support Portal (1-888-672-2433).

Integration requires Veradigm EHR version 19.4 or newer and PCU 21.10.

Connect with Carequality and instantly expand your connectivity for sharing patient data!

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