The Importance of Formulary and Benefit Details in the ePrescribing Workflow

Blog Posts  |  11 February 2021

Prescribers consider many factors when writing any prescription. The patient’s diagnosis, clinical best practices, and patient safety are clearly at the top of the list. However, the patient’s insurance coverage, the cost of the medication, and the approvals required to prescribe the medication are additional components that prescribers should consider.

These formulary and benefit (F&B) details are the topic of an MGMA podcast entitled “Improving Insights into Patients’ Prescription Benefits for Prescribers.” Daniel Williams of MGMA is the host of the podcast and the panel participants include:

  • Jill Helm, Pharm.D, Vice-President, Solutions Management, Veradigm
  • Pooja Babbrah, MBA, senior consultant and PBM practice lead with Point-of-Care Partners
  • Andrew Mellin, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Information Officer at Surescripts

The panelists cover the evolution of F&B files, from their initial paper form to today’s integrated electronic form as part of the clinical ePrescribing workflow. The panel discusses the current state of prescribing, the impact and importance of the F&B data, and the criticality of their accuracy and currency.

They discuss situations and examples which provide context as to how accessibility to F&B information builds the bridges between the therapy the physician wants to prescribe, the therapy the patient’s insurance will cover, and the therapy the patient can afford.

Having this level of detail integrated into the workflow and available at the point of prescribing should initiate a conversation between physician and patient which hopefully culminates with a prescription that will be filled and picked up by the patient to start them down the path to recovery.

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