Healthcare Ready Recognizes Veradigm, Surescripts for Partnership that Enabled Prescribing Continuity in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

Blog Posts  |  11 June 2019

Veradigm is proud to support our partner, Healthcare Ready, in its “Heroes of the Supply Chain” initiative that highlights the unsung heroes in the healthcare supply chain. This initiative recognizes those who maintain continuity in the healthcare supply chain in the face of disaster to make sure patients receive the care they need safely and on time.

By shining a spotlight on these heroes, Healthcare Ready hopes to bring attention to the critical work they do, and to educate the public and industry about these less recognized, but critical, roles in preparedness, response and recovery.

As part of their case study on Virtual Care and Pharmacy Response During the 2017 Hurricane Season, Healthcare Ready reviews how Veradigm and Surescripts demonstrated their commitment to patients and providers following the devastation of the Houston area by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

In the words of Healthcare Ready:

“An innovative partnership between Allscripts and Surescripts helped pave the way for providers and pharmacists to access needed prescription history in states impacted by the catastrophic hurricanes of 2017. After Hurricane Harvey hit land, Surescripts and Veradigm quickly mobilized to allow any pharmacist in affected regions – regardless of what EHR or clinical platforms they used - to access patient medication history data through a free cloud-based application. Access to this medication history allowed for pharmacists to quickly and accurately issue refills for patients impacted by the hurricanes, despite widespread power and systems outages across the region.”

Donald Dorfman, Vice President and General Manager of Clinical Workflow Solutions at Veradigm, explains why we chose to respond as we did, and how the solution developed for Harvey has laid the groundwork for future disaster response in support of prescribing continuity.

“We think about disaster response and recovery in terms of our core mission: to get actionable intelligence into the hands of providers when it’s needed to ensure treatment and care for patients,” said Dorfman. “We created a simple but powerful solution and deployed it for use by any affected pharmacist within days of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Now we have an ongoing solution ready, so next time we can be prepared to respond even more quickly.”

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