Veradigm and PRA Health Sciences partner to create the industry’s leading EHR-based clinical research network

Press Releases  |  23 June 2021

Through this strategic partnership, the network aims to reach more than 25,000 physicians and 40 million patients, accelerating trial recruitment and enrollment efforts and expanding patients’ access to clinical research

CHICAGO – JUNE 23, 2021 — Veradigm®, a leading provider of healthcare data and technology solutions and a business unit of Allscripts Healthcare Solutions (NASDAQ: MDRX), and PRA Health Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: PRAH), one of the world’s leading global contract research organizations, announced today the creation of the industry’s leading electronic healthcare records-based clinical research network that reaches more than 25,000 physicians and 40 million patients across the United States.

Using Veradigm’s StudySource platform, which extends existing EHR systems to include clinical research, alongside PRA’s proprietary eSource technology and clinical research expertise, this network will enable any of our physicians to offer clinical research as a care option (CRACCO) to their patients – driving efficiencies across the trial process and increasing the accessibility and diversity in clinical trials.

“The current approach to clinical trials is disconnected from healthcare delivery and requires manual data collection, which creates barriers for physicians and patients to participate. Today, less than one percent1 of the US population participates in clinical research, despite patients’ willingness to participate if asked2,” said Stephanie Reisinger, Vice President and General Manager of Veradigm’s Life Sciences Research business. “Under this agreement, the Veradigm and PRA-led network aims to transform the clinical research processes by extending EHR workflows to include clinical research as well as fully leveraging the rich data from digital healthcare delivery. The scale of Veradigm’s EHR footprint with PRA’s eSource technology and deep trial expertise will enable us to literally bring studies to where the patients are.”

In addition to being a burden on patients, clinical trials also can be a challenging process for trial sites and sponsors. Data management and monitoring are two of the most lengthy and costly stages of a clinical trial, yet much of this data already exists in EHR systems. With PRA’s proprietary eSource technology, data transfers can be automated from Veradigm’s EHRs to an electronic data capture system. This approach enables clients to speed drug development by decreasing the effort and time in this stage and reducing transcription errors, which provides improved data quality and reduces the need for costly source data verification.

“Integrating clinical research and clinical care is the model for achieving the best patient outcomes and for lowering costs for sponsors, physicians, and patients alike,” Kent Thoelke, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, PRA Health Sciences. “With this partnership and network, we are leading the industry by expanding clinical research as a care option (CRACCO) to patients who have never had an opportunity to participate. We are evolving and modernizing the drug development paradigm by integrating it with everyday healthcare delivery.” Technologies supporting both Veradigm and PRA Health Sciences are securely hosted in the Microsoft Azure.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about the Veradigm and PRA and Clinical Research Platform.

1Source: Clinical Research Participation as a Care Option, PMG Research, 2015
2Source: Research! America, National Poll on Clinical Research, June 2013

About Veradigm®
Veradigm is an integrated data systems and services company that combines data-driven clinical insights with actionable tools to help healthcare stakeholders improve the quality, efficiency, and value of healthcare delivery— including biopharma, health plans, healthcare providers, health technology partners, and most importantly, the patients they serve. We are dedicated to simplifying the complicated healthcare system with next-generation healthcare solutions. This is how we are transforming health, insightfully. To learn more, visit Veradigm® is a business unit of Allscripts.

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About PRA Health Sciences
PRA Health Sciences is one of the world’s leading global contract research organizations by revenue, providing outsourced clinical development and data solution services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. PRA’s global clinical development platform includes more than 75 offices across North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Australia and the Middle East and more than 19,000 employees worldwide. Since 2000, PRA has participated in approximately 4,000 clinical trials worldwide. In addition, PRA has participated in the pivotal or supportive trials that led to U.S. Food and Drug Administration or international regulatory approval of more than 95 drugs. To learn more about PRA, please visit


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