How Data, Analytics, and Technology Help to Deliver High-Quality, High-Value, and Efficient Patient Care

Blog Posts  |  28 September 2022

The shift toward value-based care has fundamentally changed the way that healthcare is delivered in the United States. Instead of disconnected, dysfunctional, disparate systems, healthcare stakeholders are being driven toward interoperable, open, and connected solutions, so that diverse data from the point of patient care can be translated into actionable insights and measurable value.

Veradigm is supporting the key healthcare stakeholder markets to provide higher quality of care, delivered more economically via the Veradigm Network. For healthcare providers and their patients, the Veradigm Network delivers interconnected solutions to help support optimized practice performance in today’s evolving value-based care environment.

In this video, Veradigm President and Chief Commercial Officer Tom Langan speaks with Xtelligent Healthcare Media to explain how actionable information, analytics, and technology help align the healthcare industry to deliver high-quality, high-value, and efficient patient care.

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