Veradigm announces a Strategic Partnership with HealthVerity

Blog Posts  |  17 November 2020

Veradigm is excited to announce a strategic partnership with HealthVerity, the leader in privacy-protected data exchange, focused on developing and leveraging innovative data products by linking capabilities. First focusing on specific industry needs, the solutions will provide Linked Data Packages developed for specific Therapeutic Areas (TAs), as well as a Clinical Research Solutions linking real-world data to clinical trial data.

These data packages are created by seamlessly linking data from Veradigm’s expansive electronic health records (EHR) registry and medical and pharmacy claims data, with lab, and other real-world data sources, including pharmacy and hospital chargemaster, depending on client-specific needs. Veradigm will leverage HealthVerity Marketplace, the nation’s largest ecosystem of healthcare and consumer data, to collaborate with owners of other real-world data sources, as necessary, providing turnkey linked data packages that are fit-for-purpose.

“We recognize that linked data from different sources creates a more complete view of the patient journey, but the linking process is resource-intensive and protecting privacy is of utmost importance,” said Tom Langan, CEO of Veradigm. “By working with HealthVerity and other leading real-world data suppliers, we can provide privacy-protected, turnkey, linked data solutions that solve intractable problems.”

To view the full Press Release, click here.

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