Veradigm’s first year through the eyes of our Team

Blog Posts  |  15 November 2019

As part of Veradigm’s one-year anniversary celebration, we’re shining a spotlight on the extraordinary talent that makes change possible. The Veradigm team is comprised of gifted individuals who balance a listen-first approach with the ability to embrace others to make the best decisions possible. By doing this, we are living our company’s core values and driving the future of healthcare through innovation.

Here are what our associates had to say about their experience, client and partner relationships, and the future of the business. Read through and see how Veradigm’s talent works every day to transform health, insightfully.

Brenda Everling, Account Manager, Partner Solutions, Practice Fusion from Veradigm
Carson Gilbert, Director, Program Management and Operations, Veradigm Life Sciences
Katlyn Heidenthal, Senior Services Business Analyst, Veradigm Clinical Workflow Solutions
Kevin Pollock, Director, Customer Support, Pulse8, a Veradigm Company

Q: Why do you enjoy working for Veradigm?
Katlyn: I enjoy working for a company that can identify gaps in healthcare and create solutions that positively impact everyone involved in the process. Working at Veradigm, I have the opportunity to be at the center of innovation and work with some of the most inventive minds in the industry.

Brenda: I enjoy working for Veradigm because it takes a holistic view of healthcare and finds where we can make the biggest impact. Interoperability has always been a challenge in the health IT space but allowing disparate systems and organizations to work collaboratively is what will create real change. Veradigm allows for that integration and partnership. The team at Veradigm is highly talented and passionate about what they do which creates a positive working atmosphere and culture.

Kevin: We hold ourselves to very high standards, hold each other accountable, and support each other to ensure that we accomplish what we need to accomplish together. We are more like family than coworkers, though, and we have a lot of fun while we’re at it!

Q: What makes Veradigm special for our clients?
Carson: We have access to one of the largest Ambulatory Clinical EHR de-identified dataset in the industry. Our teams are focused, and customer driven. We are constantly seeking solutions where we can innovate, create and replicate.

Q: What do you see as the benefit to our customers of Practice Fusion being a part of Veradigm?
Brenda: Practice Fusion, from Veradigm, is and always has been focused on its customers: the physicians, clinicians, administrators and staff that make a practice run. Every change is made with them in mind, whether it’s a redesign of the UI or a new feature that helps them meet growing and changing demands. I think our clients appreciate the ease of use, the affordability, and the support that they receive from working with Practice Fusion.

Q: What do you see as the benefit to our customers of Pulse8 being a part of Veradigm?
Kevin: We are very customer-focused, and we bend over backwards to make sure the customer has what they need, and what will help them to be successful. Joining Veradigm expands our team, resources, and possibilities, and will enable us to offer new and exciting solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Q: How do you feel Veradigm is working to improve the healthcare system?
Carson: Our data and research network solutions seek to increase the speed of delivery of data – whether to a physician who will be able to see the impact research has on their patients or a pharma company who can automate costly segments of research. We are able to help standardize and decrease excessive data collection and are working to reduce unnecessary costs in pharmaceutical development.

Kevin: Veradigm is working to help improve efficiency and performance for providers and health plans by combining technologies, systems, and data.

Brenda: Healthcare providers face a growing list of demands which is multiplied for those in small and independent practices who are managing all aspects of their business. Practice Fusion allows those providers to not only meet regulatory requirements, but also to streamline their day to day workflows and focus more time on patients. In addition, the tools that Veradigm offers to Practice Fusion and other EHRs allow complex interactions to be consolidated into one place. Technology should serve as a tool for healthcare providers and not as an added burden. The more we help them to reduce errors and save time, the more we help the patients they are serving.

Q: Where do you see Veradigm in three to five years?
Katlyn: I see Veradigm as a leader in healthcare delivery and innovation, continuing to analyze market data to create solutions that improve processes for providers and practices, healthcare companies and most of all–patients. I also see Veradigm as being one of the top places to work due to the engaging and motivating culture.

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