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By leveraging a vast healthcare technology network, provider relationships and deep industry expertise, Veradigm helps transform biopharma and device research, access, and insights by aligning more closely with point-of-care workflows.

We provide real-world insight from the point of care throughout the patient journey. Our solution portfolio helps you discover timely, actionable real-world evidence to improve patient experience and outcomes, and demonstrate how your products can benefit appropriate patient populations.

Solutions from Veradigm Can Help You:

  • Accelerate speed to market cost-effectively with our clinical research optimization opportunities
  • Gain insight from our expansive real-world evidence (RWE) data set
  • Capture data prospectively from the point of care via research embedded in the clinical workflow
  • Access information with our easy-to-use healthcare analytics solution set
  • Reach specific HCPs of interest within their point-of-care workflow through dynamic media solutions
  • Expedite time-to-fulfillment for all your specialty medications

Data and Research

Real World Evidence (RWE) The industry’s largest commercially available ambulatory EHR dataset

  • Leverage de-identified data and an innovative analytic technology platform for outcomes research
  • Execute actionable retrospective analyses and prospective programs
  • Get support from a dedicated research team
  • Access custom data visualizations and dashboards
  • Better understand the patient journey from data directly captured at the point of care throughout everyday life

Research Network Research at the point of care

  • Access Veradigm EHR network providers to participate in research at the point of care within the practice clinical workflow environment
  • Identify sites and providers for studies efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Support registry, prospective and retrospective studies rapidly
  • Build ongoing relationships with providers
  • Engage in future research studies

Study Protocol and Site Feasibility Real-world practice data

  • Enhance epidemiology, Health Economic Outcome Research (HEOR), and Market Access initiatives
  • Enable registry and study implementation utilizing data extracted from electronic health record (EHR) systems
  • Integrate and link external real-world data sources
  • Provide data for study reports, scientific manuscripts, and abstracts

Risk Adjustment & Quality Management

Evalytica® Evolved analytic software for healthcare data

  • Enable rapid analysis of diverse local and federated sources
  • Allow users to execute a growing repository of analysis apps based on the transparent standards-based platform
  • Provide for custom analysis app development with an application programming interface (API)
  • Promote collaboration with analysis communities
  • Generate visual and interactive output customizable for each analysis
  • Permit cohort definitions to be saved, shared, and reused in a global library

Click here to learn more about Evalytica.

Analytic Services Accelerate time to insight with Veradigm data experts

  • Build analytics service that requires less extrapolation because they are based on real-world data
  • Tap into a range of market access, retrospective, and observational services and studies
  • Address safety surveillance, reimbursement, health economics, and brand analysis

Clinical Workflow

Veradigm AccelRx™ (specialty medication fulfillment) Expedite time-to-fulfilment for all your specialty drugs

  • Help providers spend less time on phone calls and faxes while driving higher medication adherence and satisfaction for patients
  • Enable providers to go beyond integrated prior authorization to electronic enrollment, consent and more
  • Maximize electronic prescribing of your specialty therapies

Veradigm RxTruePrice™ (prescription price transparency) Drug price information at the point of care

  • Empower physicians and patients with real-time comprehensive drug price information at the point of care
  • Enable physicians to view integrated data from health plans, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and other partners to enable optimized clinical and financial impact for every prescription
  • Integrate price information directly into existing clinical workflows
  • Get the confidence of knowing Veradigm RxTruePrice™ is used by more than 20,000 providers to process nearly 17M transactions for more than 1.7M patients in 2018.

Media Solutions Reach healthcare providers at the point of care

  • Drive awareness and adherence effectively and efficiently
  • Position marketing messages at multiple essential points throughout the healthcare provider electronic health record workflow, including electronic prescribing and at login
  • Optimize return on advertising dollars by delivering promotional messaging with broad reach, precise targeting, and quality placements

Patient Support

Patient Financial Assistance Inform providers about financial assistance programs

  • Maximize opportunities to communicate available patient assistance programs directly from the HCP to specific patients within the clinical workflow
  • Enable HCPs to print savings coupons in the office for patients within Veradigm ePrescribe
  • Deliver prescription coupons to patients at the point of prescribing
  • Help reduce out-of-pocket costs to enhance patient compliance and adherence

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