Price Transparency and Prescription Affordability: A Conversation with MGMA

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Blog Posts  |  07 October 2020

Prescription price transparency and the crucial cost conversation between physicians and patients at the point of care is becoming more important. Recently, Jill Helm, VP of Solutions Management at Veradigm joined other clinical panelists for a conversation hosted by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) on how to effectively approach medication cost conversations with patients in the era of prescription price transparency.

In this session, the presenters discussed how new price transparency tools can help reduce provider and administrative burdens, enhance the patient experience, improve medication adherence and help patients save money on medication costs. The presenters also provided real life examples about how sharing cost information at the point of care empowers patients to have a voice in their treatment decisions. Additionally, panelists shared tips and techniques on how to best integrate the conversation into their patient encounters.

To make these conversations easier, Veradigm offers an innovative solution to help clinicians speak to their patients about the cost of their medications. Veradigm RxTruePrice™ enables healthcare providers to share prescription drug price information to their patients at the point of care. With RxTruePrice, physicians can obtain discounted health plan or pharmacy benefit manager pricing, cash pricing, therapeutic alternatives, and competitive prices ad different pharmacies. All of this information is specific to the patient and within your current ePrescribing workflow.

Physicians who use RxTruePrice have reported improvements in medication adherence, patient satisfaction and staff time savings as a result.1

For more information on how to access Veradigm RxTruePrice for your practice, click here.


  1. Results of Veradigm ePrescribe user survey conducted September 2019. Data on File
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