Veradigm RxTruePrice™ Makes a Difference for Patients

Video  |  14 April 2020

How Veradigm RxTruePrice™ is Helping One Dallas-area Practice Make a Difference for Patients

Veradigm recently went onsite to visit a large pediatric practice in Coppell, Texas, to discuss just how the prescription price transparency enabled by Veradigm TruePriceRx was impacting clinician time, staff and patient satisfaction, and most importantly medication adherence.

“Medication adherence begins with a shared decision-making process between the prescriber and their patient, and it must be informed by delivering accurate and patient-specific cost and coverage information at the point of care,” said Michelle Forbes, M.D., a partner at MD Pediatric Associates in the greater Dallas, Texas-area, who uses Veradigm RxTruePrice as part of her EHR system. “Using the price transparency tool keeps the medication decision-making process in the exam room, where it belongs—between my patient and me.”

Veradigm TruePriceRx user respondents to recent surveys have indicated that it is helping them positively drive improvement for patients and their practice in several ways:

  • 6 out of 10 HCP respondents observed an overall improvement in patient adherence to prescribed medications included in their care plan with Veradigm RxTruePrice1
  • More than half of HCP respondents said Veradigm RxTruePrice has helped them reduce the amount of communication required between pharmacies and practices2
  • 85% of HCP respondents believe the ability to provide pricing and insurance information positively impacts patient satisfaction with their practice2

Stay tuned for more of our interview with Dr. Forbes and Don Dorfman, VP and GM of Clinical Workflow Solutions for Veradigm, coming soon!

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