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Electronic Prescribing

Network Solutions

Connecting to the Veradigm Network enables healthcare technology companies to leverage robust functionality designed to simplify historically complex workflows. Our network includes lab and imaging companies, health technology vendors, companies enabling healthcare transactions for ePrescribing and connectivity with various electronic health record and practice management solutions. Our focus is on enabling the companies we work with to enhance their own solutions with our functionality so, together, we can deliver an exceptional experience for their providers, patients and other users by:

  • Reducing the development cost of building and maintaining components that help differentiate core offerings
  • Integrating proven Veradigm clinical technology directly with their solutions to quickly deliver added value to their customers
  • Enabling companies in the Veradigm Network to focus their development efforts on the core functionality their customers count on for their businesses

Platform Solutions

Veradigm® Connect

Veradigm Connect (formerly Allscripts® Developer Program) helps to streamline integration with electronic health records and practice management solutions in the Veradigm and Altera Health portfolios including Veradigm EHR, Veradigm Practice Management, Practice Fusion, Touchworks, Sunrise and Paragon EHRs. Developers utilize our proprietary APIs, FHIR APIs and other capabilities to streamline workflows and enhance functionality for clinicians, patients and other users of core clinical and financial applications. Developers looking to explore connectivity options through Veradigm Connect can find more information at

Veradigm® App Expo

The Veradigm App Expo (formerly Allscripts® App Expo) showcases hundreds of certified applications and devices built through the Veradigm Connect program. These solutions utilize our proprietary and FHIR-based APIs for clinical, financial and patient engagement data exchange and interoperability. The site is updated as new solutions are tested and certified by the Veradigm Connect team. Visit to browse available solutions.

Practice Fusion Marketplace

Companies can share data with Practice Fusion customers and create seamless workflows via an integrated EHR experience by participating in the Practice Fusion Marketplace program, part of Veradigm Connect.

Veradigm ePrescribe

Veradigm ePrescribe delivers industry-leading e-prescribing to EHR providers, system developers, and other HIT vendors, enabling companies and large independent practices to quickly add electronic prescribing functionality to their clinical workflows.

Veradigm® Diagnostic Ordering and Results Network

Veradigm offers EHR vendors a streamlined integration into a cloud-based hub with a single API integration, the Veradigm Diagnostic Ordering and Results Network (DORN). This provides EHRs with access to hundreds of laboratory and radiology connections. DORN utilizes a standardized integration format for all laboratory andradiology centers, eliminating the need to customize orders, results and compendium updates for each connection.

Veradigm® Guided Scheduling

Veradigm Guided Scheduling is a healthcare scheduling solution that uses predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to help practices deliver better patient care, more efficiently, by identifying and scheduling patients who need care the most. Currently embedded within Veradigm Practice Management and integrated with additional EHR/PM systems, the solution ensures practices and providers are delivering care as effectively as possible. This solution is adding focus to the value-based care (VBC) space, enabling VBC partners to automate and scale out their care strategies on Veradigm platforms for patient recall and smart scheduling. The solution will also be enabled to work alongside services like the Veradigm Diagnostic Ordering and Results Network (DORN), Veradigm ePrescribe, Veradigm Revenue Cycle Services, Veradigm Payer Network to deliver end-to-end value to providers, practices and partners.

Veradigm Channel Partner Program

The Veradigm Channel Partner Program is open to healthcare technology and innovation companies who share a commitment to advancing healthcare, insightfully. Health IT organizations, billing service providers, and a host of other innovative, forward-thinking companies make up Veradigm’s vast healthcare ecosystem. Together, we have a unique opportunity to advance healthcare and deliver solutions to providers to benefit the patients they serve.

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