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Practice Fusion EHR - Smart, Easy-to-Use EHR System

You’ve Never Met an EHR Like This

Practice Fusion EHR is a cloud based EHR platform providing reliable, secure access to all your information, and simplified use.

Time-saving patient care coordinated under one comprehensive system, designed specifically for small and independent healthcare practices.

Practice Fusion EHR can help you:

  • Streamline your workflows with efficient, intuitive charting, certified e-prescribing, with imaging and lab integrations
  • Reduce costly patient no-shows with easy appointment reminders and patient engagement solutions
  • Achieve faster claims turn-around, payments, and flexible billing options with Medical Billing Software
  • Engage patients with patient portal access and personal health records
  • Stay current with EHR updates that are managed for you

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Key Features

Practice Fusion EHR delivers a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for independent practices. Key features include:

  • Automatic updates - To satisfy best practices and maintain regulatory compliance
  • Chart on any device - Go mobile with your EHR, always secure, HIPAA compliant, and fully accessible from anywhere on iPad or tablet
  • Certified EHR - Helps you meet new clinical standards with participation in quality programs and stay up to date with seamless EHR updates
  • Free patient portal - Patients play an active role in collaboration with healthcare providers by having access to personal health records, communication tools, messaging, and more
  • Flexible billing - Simplified, and accurate medical billing software with flexible billing options, including automatic eligibility checks, time-saving superbills, trained billing support
  • Scheduling - Customized medical appointment patient scheduler. Online patient scheduling that is more efficient with reduced data entry. Convenient automatic appointment reminders, paperless patient intake forms, and automatic eligibility checks
  • Task management - Stay on top of your priorities. Streamline your practice administration with paperless faxing, referrals, and custom reports

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