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Veradigm Practice Mangement is an advanced platform that can be configured for any type of practice.

A Dynamic Approach to Healthcare Solutions

Veradigm recognizes the evolving and diverse nature of the dynamic healthcare landscape. That’s why we’ve developed intuitive software tailored to meet the unique needs of medical professionals across various specialties. Our healthcare technology solutions are designed to help enhance the quality of your practice and streamline workflows, catering to general practitioners, specialists, and healthcare administrators alike. At Veradigm, we are committed to providing configurable solutions that adapt to the changing demands of your practice.

Adaptability Meets Practice Management with Veradigm

Veradigm Practice Management is a standalone platform that caters to physician practices, larger hospital organizations, and billing service providers. It serves as the preferred choice for those in search of a flexible Practice Management solution, whether integrated with one of Veradigm’s EHR systems or a different EHR system. CEOs, COOs, healthcare professionals and administrative staff consistently seek a platform that enhances operational efficiency and productivity, effectively managing scheduling, collections, claims and denials to achieve desired outcomes.

Grounded in the commitment to innovation, our software seamlessly adapts to the specific requirements of various specialties. This adaptability results in an experience that not only elevates the quality of care for patients but also enhances overall efficiency and accuracy.

Choose Veradigm Practice Management for a solution that caters to the unique needs of your healthcare organizations, promoting seamless operations and successful outcomes.

Specialties using Veradigm Practice Management

Don’t see your specialty? Contact a Veradigm expert to learn how we serve nearly every specialty with configurable EHR, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Services and more.

Allergy and Immunology
Anatomic/Clinical Pathology
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Colon and Rectal Surgery
Diagnostic Radiology
Emergency Medicine
ENT (Ear/Nose/Throat)
Family Practice
General Surgery
Holistic Medicine
Home Healthcare
Infectious Disease
Internal Medicine
Management Consultant
Medical Genetics
Nuclear Medicine
OB/GYN (obstetrician/gynecologist)
Occupational Medicine
Osteopathic Medicine
Pain Management
Physical Medicine & Rehab
Plastic Surgery
Reproductive Medicine
and Infertility
Sleep Disorders
Surgical Center
Thoracic Surgery
Urgent Care

Every medical practice needs technology that suits its specialty and size. Ranked by Black Book in 2023, Veradigm Practice Management has claimed top positions among practice management solutions across all physician group size categories:

  • #1 in 50+ Physician Groups
  • #3 in 10-49 Physician Groups
  • #4 in 4-9 Physician Groups
  • #3 in 1-3 Physician Groups

Veradigm Practice Management is a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution for physician practices of all sizes and specialties. With over 20 years’ experience, Veradigm Practice Management is an EHR-agnostic solution that streamlines every step along the revenue cycle, from pre-appointment to final collections and data analysis.

Configurable Practice Management Solutions for Each and Every Organization

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Veradigm Practice Management’s sophisticated and customizable workflow rules engine automates work queues based on a practice’s preferences. Multi-entity security and management enables information access based on department rules.

Whether it’s scheduling or claims management, workflows designed for your specialty are integrated, enabling synchronized audit trails within Veradigm Practice Management. By automating tasks and workflows, your staff can focus on patient care and service.

Veradigm Practice Management’s Office Manager feature empowers back-office staff by providing a virtual workspace to efficiently manage claims, appointments, and tasks. Its specialization-focused configuration caters to the unique needs of various specialties. The streamlined workflow ensures an organized and efficient process, from appointment management to handling pending claims. With customizable queues, automated actions, and a user-friendly interface, the Office Manager feature within Veradigm Practice Management significantly enhances the operational efficiency and organization of medical practices.

Key Features

  • Appointment management queues: Users can configure queues for front-end appointment management, creating a seamless workflow for front desk protocols. This includes the categorization of queues for referrals, no-shows, bumps, eligibility, coverage exceptions, and manual coverage changes.
  • Pending claims management: The system facilitates the creation of work queues for back-office billers to process and reprocess claims. It allows corrections, follow-ups, and efficient handling of demographic and file maintenance errors.
  • Workflow service: An integral part of the system, the workflow service manages different areas of the revenue cycle, ensuring timely and organized processing of tasks. It runs behind the scenes, optimizing queue population based on configured criteria.
  • Customizable queues: The Office Manager offers the flexibility to create customized queues for specific needs, such as denials, unpaid claims, and appointment management. This includes the ability to route queues to specific individuals based on their roles or responsibilities.
  • Automated actions: The system incorporates features like automated self-pay collections and customizable workflows, streamlining processes and reducing manual intervention.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Automate Scheduling with Veradigm Practice Management’s Predictive Scheduler

Veradigm’s Predictive Scheduler feature within Veradigm Practice Management uses AI and predictive analytics to streamline appointment management for medical practices with any specialization. By utilizing advanced technology, Predictive Scheduler forecasts patient demand, allowing practices to proactively address high-need patient visits, optimize operational efficiencies within scheduling, and enhance overall care delivery. During each implementation of Predictive Scheduler, Veradigm conducts configuration by pulling 12-24 months of historical data for both the practice and providers. The system then presents potential opportunities to enhance scheduling efficiencies based on 40 key metrics related to effectiveness and efficiency.

Key Features

  • AI-driven prioritization: Predictive Scheduler uses artificial intelligence to identify high-need patients and automatically prioritizes their visits, ensuring they receive timely care without disrupting the existing schedule.
  • Scheduling rule management: The solution helps practices navigate complex scheduling rules by assisting in the creation of messages to ensure adherence to scheduling and reimbursement rules, optimizing efficiency.
  • No-Show/cancellation management: Users can update templates based on demand, as well as no-shows and cancellations, reducing open slots and minimizing the impact of missed appointments.
  • Dynamic schedule adjustment: To adapt to changing demand, Predictive Scheduler dynamically opens and closes slots on a daily or weekly basis, distributing visits across multiple resources for optimal care delivery and resource utilization.

Track Performance and Results

Physician practices have relied on Veradigm Practice Management’s robust reporting to help specialty practices meet their goals. With real-time information through intuitive dashboards, healthcare professionals can make informed decisions to maintain a financially healthy organization. Dashboard data includes charges and payments, claim status, current A/R aging by payer and coding trends.

Key Features

  • Flexible and robust reporting: Users can compare billing trends over time, drill down with one click, and query, based on user-defined rules.

Effortless Navigation with a User-Friendly Interface

Managing complicated software for medical purposes shouldn’t be a source of stress. Veradigm is distinguished by its user-friendly interface, which was developed with the end-user in mind. Our user-friendly practice management platform ensures a seamless experience for healthcare professionals across different specializations, whether they are entering patient data, evaluating trends, or generating reports.

Key Features

  • Simple intuitive design: Staff can effortlessly enter and access the data they need, without hassle.

Streamline Workflows with an Interoperable Practice Management System

It’s not just about interoperability between different medical practices and specialties, it’s about adapting a robust practice management system to optimize your workflows. A rich practice management system will continually enhance your operations and productivity within a practice, especially in a changing regulatory landscape. Veradigm Practice Management goes beyond by seamlessly integrating with various healthcare companies, offering practices the flexibility to optimize their workflows according to their unique needs.

Key Features

  • Adaptable and interoperable: Veradigm Practice Management is an adaptable system that integrates with healthcare companies to optimize workflows for unique practice needs.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Veradigm Practice Management’s open architecture enables specialties practices to share patient information across multiple platforms, meeting the needs of many complex environments.

Support and Training

Veradigm Practice Management has guided thousands of healthcare professionals across the U.S. by providing comprehensive and customized training programs designed for your specialty. With over 30 years of experience, Veradigm is proud of our team of product experts with years of industry expertise to help specialty practices meet their goals and thrive. By actively investing in our solutions, dedicated specialized teams accelerate the development efforts within the effort to meet today’s needs.

Key Features

  • Industry knowledge and expertise: Veradigm Network’s community of companies is readily accessible to support and train your practice.

“Our advice to new clinics would be to ensure that your EMR and [Practice Management] systems can adapt to regulatory changes and have the functionality to meet all requirements. Veradigm has been a great partner in this regard, and we’re always willing to share our experiences with other clients.” — JULIE MORGAN | CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, THE ORTHOPAEDIC & FRACTURE CLINIC

Why Veradigm Is Unique for Medical Practice Management?

Organizations must focus on reducing rejected or denied claims, maximizing staff productivity, and closely tracking full reimbursements and payments. Disparate systems and workflows often create confusion on which data to trust.

By centralizing revenue cycle into one platform, decision makers can be assured that Veradigm Practice Management’s reporting and analytics is the single source of truth and staff productivity is optimized by managing claims instead of investigating discrepancies.
Veradigm Practice Management helps obtain real-time referrals, verify insurance eligibility, and AI-powered patient scheduler. Practices can view service and payment history, reimbursement detail notes, rebilling, and collection activity all in one place.
Specialty practices must understand and manage the requirements of evolving regulations relative to reimbursement models.

With shifts from fee-for-service to value-based care, it’s critical to accommodate evolving models of reimbursement such as Meaningful Use, Accountable Care Organizations, and MACRA Quality Payment Program delivery system reform.

Clean claims and automated self-pay collections are tools within Veradigm Practice Management that streamline and manage Accounts Receivable (A/R).

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