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Closing care gaps is crucial for improving patient outcomes, and with Veradigm Payer Insights, providers can seamlessly integrate gap closure alerts into their everyday approach.

Configure Your EHR and Financial Solutions for Urology Practices

At Veradigm, we are committed to delivering best-in-class, configurable EHR and financial software solutions tailored specifically for the unique needs of small to midsize urology practices. Our approach is rooted in understanding the distinct operational, clinical, and financial intricacies of urology practices, and providing software solutions that enhance, streamline, and adapt to your specific needs.

Our comprehensive suite of services doesn’t stop at EHR. We also offer a range of financial solutions designed to simplify your operations, enhance cost efficiency, and strengthen your practice’s financial health. With Veradigm’s innovative and versatile software solutions, your urology practice is empowered to achieve the highest level of efficiency, profitability, and quality patient care.

Through our commitment to continual improvement and evolution, Veradigm remains the best choice for urology practices seeking a reliable service provider.

Clinical Solutions

Veradigm EHR + Veradigm FollowMyHealth

Our EHR offers customizable templates, adaptive smart charting, and fully customizable encounter notes. Our integrated EHR system allows you to chart the way you want, track patient health data, connect to your local imaging centers, and manage referrals effectively. Coupled with Veradigm FollowMyHealth, our patient portal, we make it easier for you to engage with your patients, providing them with the control they need over their health.

Customized Solutions for Urology Practices

Our EHR solution is carefully crafted to align with the specialized care provided by urology practices. Benefit from advanced features such as specialty-specific customizable flowsheets, urine culture tracking, timeline views for patients with prostate cancer, and a wide range of other urology-specific functionalities. Experience clinical optimization throughout your practice, facilitated by our sophisticated EHR system.

Financial Solutions for Urology Practices

Veradigm Practice Management for Urology Practices

An effective practice management system is crucial for the smooth operation of a urology practice. Veradigm Practice Management is specifically designed to streamline your administrative tasks, making it easier for your team to manage appointments, billing, and reporting. By reducing the burden of these tasks, your team will have more time to focus on providing top-tier care to your urology patients. Additionally, our system is built to accommodate the unique needs and workflows of urology practices, ensuring that it fits seamlessly into your practice.

Veradigm Payerpath for Urology Practices

Veradigm Payerpath is our clearinghouse solution that helps urology practices ensure accurate and timely claims submission and processing. Dealing with insurance claims can be a complex and time-consuming process, but Payerpath simplifies it by automating several key steps. It checks claims for errors before they are submitted, reducing the chance of rejections or delays. With the help of Veradigm Payerpath, urology practices can increase their clean claim rate, thereby improving their revenue cycle efficiency.

Veradigm Revenue Cycle Services for Urology Practices

Managing the revenue cycle is a critical aspect of running a successful urology practice. Veradigm Revenue Cycle Services is a comprehensive service designed to optimize your medical billing processes. We leverage advanced technology and best practices to help increase your practice’s revenue, reduce costs, and improve cash flow. Our team of revenue cycle experts works closely with your urology practice to identify areas for improvement and implement effective strategies, so you can focus on patient care without worrying about your practice’s financial health.

Why Choose Veradigm?

With Veradigm, you get tailored health technology solutions designed with Urology practices in mind. Our extensive experience in the healthcare industry, coupled with our commitment to innovation, allows us to deliver solutions that are not just efficient and easy to use, but also help you improve patient outcomes. Join the Veradigm family and experience the difference.

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Urology-Specific EHR Tailored to the specific needs of urology practices, Veradigm's EHR system offers templates and smart charting tailored to urology.
Urology Patient Engagement With Veradigm FollowMyHealth, urology patients can easily engage in their healthcare processes, improving their satisfaction and adherence to urology treatments.
Integrated Urology Care Our EHR system enables easy connections to local imaging centers and labs, and efficient management of urology referrals, providing a seamless experience for both urologists and patients.
Financial Efficiency in Urology Our suite of financial solutions, including Veradigm Practice Management, Veradigm Payerpath, and Veradigm Revenue Cycle Services, help urology practices improve their financial performance and efficiency.
Urology Practice Growth With our tailored urology EHR solutions and superior support, we empower urology practices to grow and provide the best care possible.

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