Enhancing Healthcare Provider Efficiency with NextGen Healthcare

Video  |  06 May 2020

Veradigm and NextGen Healthcare: Enhancing healthcare provider efficiency and improving health outcomes

Veradigm is pioneering solutions that benefit partner Electronic Health Records (EHR) and working to improve the quality, efficiency and value of the EHR experience, at no additional cost to the EHR user. We accomplish this by integrating services and functionality into the EHR, leveraging our technical expertise and broad commercial network.

We recently sat down with Scott Gucciardi from NextGen Healthcare to discuss how they are working with Veradigm to implement solutions to improve their healthcare provider client’s workflow and operations in delivering healthcare.

The partnership between Veradigm and NextGen Healthcare is the first of many such relationships designed to help EHR partners bring solutions to market more quickly and efficiently than developing them in-house.

Veradigm’s portfolio of solutions available to EHR partners include automated chart retrieval, in-app promotional messaging, data and analytics for the Life Science industry along with a lab and imaging network.