Celebrating Heart Month 2024

Video  |  27 February 2024

Written by: Alicea Starr

Veradigm is proud to celebrate Hearth Month in February. When it comes to heart health, we make a direct impact through both our support of nonprofit organizations working to advance heath equity, education and research, as well as our investment in high-quality cardiovascular data registries to provide healthcare institutions and patients with the most accurate, informed and current information available to make their healthcare decisions.

We are approaching cardiovascular health through a scientific lens to allow for the best possible care decisions to be made based in research, trends and evidence.

But we are also investing in the organizations taking a human approach – understanding and addressing the many factors in our daily lives that impact our heart health. Through this holistic approach to cardiovascular care, we are transforming health, insightfully.

Veradigm’s Investment in Cardiovascular Health

According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains as the leading cause of death in the United States, accounted for 928,741 deaths in the year 2020. Between 2018 and 2019, direct and indirect costs of total CVD were $407.3 billion ($251.4 billion in direct costs and $155.9 billion in lost productivity/mortality).

The Veradigm Cardiology Registry operates in partnership with the American College of Cardiology (ACC) to provide a comprehensive look at the real-world management and quality of care for 4 common cardiovascular conditions: heart failure, coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillation, and hypertension. Using information collected by electronic health record systems, we help provide healthcare institutions and patients with the most accurate, informed, and current information available to make their healthcare decisions. Read more about the benefits of cardiovascular registries here.

On February 13, Veradigm announced the launch of TRANSFORM VAX, an ACC-sponsored initiative aimed at improving cardiovascular health through increased influenza vaccination education. Influenza vaccination is associated with a lower risk for adverse cardiovascular events, with an overall 34% lower risk of major adverse cardiovascular events and a 45% lower risk among individuals with recent acute coronary syndrome. As part of this quality improvement initiative, Veradigm is delivering ACC-sponsored vaccination education messaging to a subset of cardiology practices using the Practice Fusion EHR (a Veradigm Network solution). The messages appear as banner advertisements in an in-frame window adjacent to the EHR workflow that is separate and distinguishable from the clinical and practice management workflow within the EHR.

“Veradigm is proud to be working with the ACC to apply our real-world data in combination with our messaging capabilities to improve rates of recommended vaccinations for adults with cardiovascular disease,” said Stuart Green, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Veradigm.

To complement and support this work, we invest in organizations serving as driving forces in education, awareness, advocacy, and advancement in heart health. Please take a moment to learn about the incredible work being done that Veradigm is proud to support.

Simon’s Heart Chain of Survival Program


Veradigm is proud to announce our new partnership with Simon’s Heart to support their Chain of Survival Program. The initiatives include: Simon’s Heart Screenings – free screenings to help young people detect possible heart conditions, the CPR Jukebox, an innovative free CPR instruction pop up for the community, and GotAED which helps put AED devise in youth-related facilities. Simon’s Heart also leads advocacy work to pass SCA legislation and created a juvenile cardiac registry called Heart Bytes.

Executive Director Jenn Parrado and Senior VP of Life Sciences Stuart Green recently sat down to talk about the incredible work that Simon’s Heart is doing for cardiac care, the exciting way they engage young people and major sports leagues, and how clinical data registries can move research forward and save lives.

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American Heart Association – Triangle


Our investment in the American Heart Association of the Triangle is deeply connected to our interest in advancing health equity by reaching underrepresented demographics. Through this multifaceted program we fund heart disease education and research; help low income and minority communities have access to healthy foods and CPR demonstrations; and diversify the future of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields to include more women and BIPOC minds and voices. 

  • STEM Goes Red – The American Heart Association’s STEM Goes Red initiative provides young women opportunities to experience and be inspired by the exciting world of STEM. They meet career mentors, network, and learn from established female executives who are paving the way for women in STEM careers. As the STEM Goes Red Signature Sponsor, Veradigm engages female students in the Triangle to not only positively change their future but also to save the lives of others from heart disease and stroke.

  • R.A.P.I.D.O. – Stroke is the No. 3 cause of premature death of Hispanic women. Let’s change that together. As the R.Á.P.I.D.O. sponsor, Veradigm will empower the Hispanic-Latino community to understand: Stroke signs and symptoms, immediate management, and modifiable risk factors.

  • Go Red for Women – Go Red for Women is the American Heart Association’s national movement to increase women’s heart health awareness and to improve the lives of women. Through Go Red for Women, the American Heart Association is working in communities so women understand their greatest health threat action they can take to lower their risk. Veradigm’s support of Go Red for Women helps fund research to find cures specifically tailored for women.

American Heart Association (Chicago)

CPR Superheroes – Veradigm is proud to sponsor the placement of 146 CPR Anytime kits around community organizations in Chicago, providing bystander CPR training to historically underrepresented communities where survival rates are even lower than the national average.

The kits will be donated to an initiative called Healthy Southwest. This program is a collaboration between 8 local organizations to address health, education, employment/workforce development, safety and immigration throughout the southwest side. Led by Southwest Organizing Project, the partner organizations include PODER, Esperanza Health Centers, Southwest Collective, Increase the Peace, The Resurrection Project, Metropolitan Family Services, Envision Community Services.


American Heart Association will be conducting a “Hands Only” CPR training to about 45 of their public health ambassadors (PHAs), who will then be able to train others at community events as well as be a resource when organizations begin implementing CERP.

Veradigm also supports the Chicago Heart Ball and Council for a Cause to further AHA’s work in research and advocacy for heart health.

Through our innovative work around life sciences and cardiovascular research, as well as our support for the groundbreaking work being done by AHA and Simon’s Heart, we are transforming the future of heart disease and saving lives. Please join us by supporting the American Heart Association and Simon’s Heart.

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