Veradigm AccelRx™– Reduce Patient Wait Times for Specialty Medications

Video  |  03 November 2020

Ensuring that patients pick up their prescribed medications and take them as directed is an ongoing challenge for healthcare professionals. This difficulty increases dramatically when the prescribed therapy is a specialty medication, as drugs in this rapidly growing segment can take weeks to be ready for patient pick-up.

Increased adherence to prescribed specialty medications benefits every stakeholder in the healthcare ecosystem: from patients and providers, to biopharma companies, payers, specialty pharmacies and others. Each stakeholder shares an interest in seeing patients receive their medication as quickly and painlessly as possible, without sacrificing an effective approval process.

Veradigm AccelRx is helping healthcare providers streamline fulfillment of specialty medication prescriptions to:

  • Access an EHR-integrated solution
  • Manage all specialty medications in a single platform
  • Automatically populate patient information on enrollment and other forms
  • Maximize efficiency with onsite and mobile consent capture and no-touch eFax

Watch this new video for more details. To learn more about how to get Veradigm AccelRx for your practice, contact us at

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