Report on Gaps in Specialty Medication Fulfillment

Thought Leadership  |  18 March 2020

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As Specialty Medications Become More Common and More Costly, How Can Technology Help Patients Get Their Medication Faster?

Though they account for only about 3% of all the prescriptions written in the U.S. each year, in 2020 specialty medications are expected to represent as much as 50% of the total money spent on prescription medication. In order for a specialty medication to go from being a prescription written by a physician to a medication received by the patient, it must pass ¬-through a wide range of healthcare stakeholders including payers, specialty pharmacies and specialty medication hubs. Frequently, the result is extended wait times for patients to receive their medication, from weeks to even months.

Access a new report on Closing the Gaps in Specialty Medication Fulfillment. Written by Veradigm’s PharmD, Tom Pasquariello, the report reviews the challenges with specialty fulfillment, examines common elements across these challenges and discusses how technology can be used to overcome them. It also reflects on the impact proposed changes could have on patients, providers, and the healthcare products and technology companies that serve them.

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