Transforming Patient Engagement and Practice Efficiency with Veradigm FollowMyHealth

Video  |  17 November 2023

In this video, Program Manager, Jessica Hylton at Western Wayne Physicians in Allen Park, Michigan, shares how Veradigm FollowMyHealth (a Veradigm Network solution) has improved patient engagement and efficiency in her busy family practice.

Leveraging the Veradigm Network’s suite of solutions, including FollowMyHealth, has been transformative for Western Wayne Physicians.

By synergizing the internal and external resources of the Veradigm Network, and embracing the convenience and efficiency offered with FollowMyHealth, Western Wayne has experienced a dramatic reduction in no-show rates, streamlined patient communications, and recovered countless hours for their staff.

By embracing the Veradigm Network, Western Wayne is ensuring that patients receive the convenience and care they deserve.

Watch the video and consider how your practice could similarly benefit from the insights and efficiencies provided by the Veradigm Network.

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