6 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Digital Point-of-Care Media Vendor

Blog Posts  |  13 May 2021  |  By Amanda Cohen, MPH

Over the past year, COVID-19 has made it increasingly difficult for BioPharma companies to communicate with healthcare providers (HCPs). At the same time, electronic heath record (EHR) systems have become more of an integral part of nearly every healthcare provider’s office. EHRs enable BioPharma marketers to reach HCPs with new channels of communication, channels that bypass the barriers to face-to-face interactions created by the pandemic.

As a result, EHR-based communications such as digital point-of-care media marketing are becoming an increasingly important means for BioPharma brands to connect with providers. When done correctly, digital point-of-care media marketing in EHRs can be an effective communication channel. Done wrong, however, and you run the risk of wasting time and money.

In this report, we share:

  • The risks presented by using vendors new to the field of digital point-of-care media
  • The varied types of solutions offered by different digital point-of-care media vendors
  • The varied types of messaging and target audiences provided by different EHRs
  • Questions you should ask digital point-of-care media vendors to make certain they can provide the types of solutions, messaging, and target audience you need

Also—don’t miss out on our free worksheet for guiding your conversations with digital point-of-care media vendors.


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