How to improve health outcomes while helping your practice thrive

Blog Posts  |  11 October 2022

As a medical practice, you are committed to effectively managing the health of your patient population and providing the highest quality of care. To thrive as a highly functioning medical practice that provides excellence in healthcare, it is important to also take the health of your practice into consideration.

Do you have the systems and processes in place to ensure you are maximizing collections and preventing denials? Is your scheduling optimized? Are some of your processes still manual and excessively time-consuming?

Practices today are faced with many challenges, such as staffing shortages, physician burnout, and rising costs. Tackling everyday challenges within your practice compounds the issues that leadership must address. Together we can help provide solutions to support growth and sustainability.

Veradigm, a business unit of Allscripts, works with healthcare organizations of all sizes by providing the resources they need to drive improved outcomes at lower cost: experts, processes, and technology. No matter the practice size, Veradigm provides a complete package of clinical and financial solutions.

Veradigm offers your practice easy-to-use healthcare provider solutions that can help streamline your clinical and financial workflows, and services that effectively support the management of your practice. Veradigm’s healthcare provider offerings are supported by solution experts with extensive healthcare industry experience. Veradigm delivers personalized service to each client, working closely with them to solve their everyday challenges and meet their specific needs.

How does Veradigm help practices navigate through today’s healthcare challenges and opportunities?

Taking a consultative approach, Veradigm works with you to understand how we can help your practice and provide solutions based upon your needs. There is no “one size fits all” approach. Veradigm offers configurable solutions for a broad range of practice sizes, from solo practitioners to multi-specialty groups, and everything in between.

Our healthcare provider solutions help practices of any size to:

  • Reduce physician burnout and increase efficiencies within the EHR – Doctors can easily document, dictate, create problem-based order sets, and provide diagnoses directly in the EHR during the visit, so the focus is more on the patient. With artificial intelligence (AI), our solutions learn your most common diagnoses and treatment plans, reducing the number of clicks within an encounter.
  • Reduce the amount of manual work – Through revenue cycle automation, office staff can automate a variety of processes, including claim processing, statement generation and collection letters, giving staff the opportunity to focus on other tasks.
  • Augment their workforce with billing staff – With Staff Augmentation, practices can supplement their current workforce with highly-trained billing experts to work on aging A/R and other billing projects, freeing staff for other priority tasks.
  • Decrease denials and process cleaner claims – Using root-cause analysis, denials can be tracked and worked properly, giving insight to prevent future denials and process cleaner claims. With our integrated suite of practice management and revenue cycle services, healthcare providers can process claims natively, without having to log into another system.
  • Increase visibility into the performance of the practice – With Veradigm Revenue Cycle Analytics, practices gain the valuable insight needed to make better business decisions.
  • Securely host their environment – With a 99% hosted uptime, data is hosted in a secure environment, with a dedicated support team that is focused on consistent and thorough maintenance and surveillance.
  • Relieve the administrative burden of keeping up with regulatory and insurance requirements – Our dedicated experts can effectively help you navigate through the challenging landscape of regulatory and insurance requirements.
  • Optimize provider schedules – With flexible scheduling options, practices can prioritize appointment types, reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations, and make sure providers are the right kind of busy.

Thriving financially and operationally

Staying financially and operationally healthy is critical to helping your medical practice thrive. Despite many challenges facing healthcare provider practices today, it is important to equip your practice with the resources and technology that are best suited for your specific needs.

Having a configurable set of solutions, supported by solution experts with extensive healthcare industry experience, can help your practice achieve its financial and operational goals. Veradigm can help deliver the performance and improved financial outcomes your medical practice requires.

Contact us to learn more about our Healthcare Provider Solutions.

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