Veradigm Joins American Medical Association, CBI Real-Time Benefit Check and ePrior Authorization Summit for Discussions on Prescription Price Transparency

Blog Posts  |  09 May 2019

As April turns to May, Veradigm is continuing the conversation on prescription price transparency in new venues, both online and face-to-face – and we want to hear from you!

First, Veradigm was invited to join a virtual panel discussion on the American Medical Association’s Physician Innovation Network on how electronic health records (EHR) can enhance clarity around prescription drug pricing. Veradigm’s Jill Helm, PharmD, Vice-President of Solution Management will be participating in this online discussion with other chosen experts, and you can join as well! To access the discussion, you will need to register on the AMA site. CLICK HERE to view or join the conversation now.

Or if you prefer to unplug and join Veradigm in person, we encourage you to join us at the CBI Real-time Benefit Check & ePrior Authorization Summit in Philadelphia, PA. At 11:45 am on Wednesday, May 15, at the Sheraton University City, Jill will present on how technologies for price transparency and electronic prior authorization (ePA) are impacting care today, and how leading solutions like Veradigm RxTruePrice™ and Veradigm eAuth are evolving to overcome remaining challenges to optimizing the patient-prescriber conversation at the point of care.

Please join us for this presentation, entitled “Crunch Time for Real-time – The Path to Realizing the Full Potential of Real-time Benefit Integration”, and keep up with Veradigm on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for new opportunities to listen, learn and make your voice heard – coming soon!

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