4 solutions to help you achieve your new year’s resolutions

Blog Posts  |  17 January 2019

At Veradigm®, we fully understand the challenges of navigating electronic health records (EHR). Veradigm can help EHR users, as well as patients, payers and other partners, with seamless solutions to enhance EHR success. Please note these actionable tools are available today.

  1. Are your patients having trouble paying for their medications?
    Address prescription abandonment in 2019! Real time prescription copay or discount offers built into the prescribing workflow can help you find the medication at the best price for your patient. You can also help patients get the medication they need quickly, without treatment delays frequently associated with prior authorization, at no extra cost to your practice. To top it off, manufacturer coupons are made readily available in the workflow at the point of prescribing. But wait, there’s more! Stay tuned to this blog over the coming weeks and months for more on how your practice can leverage Veradigm solutions to help decrease prescription abandonment.

  2. Do your patients need support with their maintenance and specialty medications?
    Save time by providing patients electronic educational pamphlets that can help patients better understand potential side effects while also reminding them on proper administration times. Electronic enrollments allow patients to receive their medication and support in less time than traditional paper faxing; all while reducing the stress associated with finding the right specialty pharmacy.

  3. Are you unsure of the medication options available for your patients?
    Stay up to date with the latest medication choices can help patients manage their complex disease states. Messaging and updates integrated throughout the practice and clinical workflow help ensure providers are exposed to the key promotional and educational messages they need to see from BioPharma companies, Payers, and other healthcare stakeholders. Facilitating access directly to the manufacturer websites can provide the factual data providers need to quickly answer questions related to indications and prescribing.

  4. Tired of the delays associated with sending and receiving paper copies of medical records?
    Save time and resources this year by eliminating in-office chart audits. Sending and receiving medical records is now easier than ever with an electronic process that is integrated into your EHR. This integrated process also helps ensure a more secure environment for the transfer of patient health information.

For more information on how Veradigm® can help you to expand your capabilities, please contact us.

Stay tuned for more perspectives on how innovative solutions from Veradigm can help you make an impact for your practice and patients in 2019!

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