New Data from Veradigm Illustrates Negative Impact of Specialty Medications on Medical Practices

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Blog Posts  |  24 September 2020

A survey of Veradigm ePrescribe is quantifying how and to what degree physicians believe specialty medication fulfillment is impacting their practices. Conducted in July 2020, the Veradigm survey results are reviewed in their entirety in a new Report available by completing the form on the right of this page. Among other findings, the report showed that four out of five physicians say they have avoided or delayed prescribing a specialty medication because of the administrative burden of prior authorization, patient assistance, or pharmacy enrollments. At the same time, 84% said manually filling out paper documentation for specialty medications has a negative impact on their practice.

Specialty medications are a rapidly growing segment of therapies that may soon represent more than half of all the money spent on prescription medication in the United States. To receive their specialty medication, a patient’s prescription must pass through a broad cross-section of healthcare industry stakeholders, from biopharma companies and payers, to specialty pharmacies and specialty medication hubs.

Many patients naturally see their doctor as their best and most important source of information on all things relating to their specialty medication prescription. But doctors, nurses and medical practice staff often find themselves unable to meet their patients’ desire for more information on the status of their specialty prescription, as they themselves struggle to manage all of the manual paperwork, phone calls, faxes and other back-and-forth communications associated with fulfilling a specialty medication.

Veradigm AccelRx delivers an automated and comprehensive solution to help clinicians streamline specialty medication fulfillment for your patients. With faster time-to-therapy comes better odds for medication adherence and positive outcomes, as well as fewer phone calls and faxes for practice staff.

Combining electronic enrollment, consent, script and more into AccelRx, Veradigm delivers an all-in-one system to help significantly cut time-to-fulfillment for specialty medication prescriptions.

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