Insightful Innovation: Veradigm’s 2022 ESG Report

Blog Posts  |  25 May 2023

Written by: Alicea Starr

Every day, Veradigm is dedicated to utilizing technology to drive better care, from Biopharma to Health Plans and Payers to Healthcare Providers to Network Partners. Veradigm is focused on research, analytics, and building scalable data-driven solutions of value for ALL healthcare stakeholders. This initiative is achieved with both technology and philanthropy.

Veradigm’s vision is to use continuously advancing technology to allow healthcare stakeholders to provide best-in-class care. We create streamlined sources of data and records to inform key stakeholders. We help to facilitate healthcare professionals to better access insights such as social determinants of health and patterns of care. We are constantly improving our network to reach more underrepresented populations and overcome barriers that both patients and doctors face to achieving high quality medical care. This collaborative work is done with one focus: better patient outcomes through insightful healthcare.

In 2022, our philanthropic strategy narrowed its focus to directly support and complement our business objective of continuously improving health care. To do this, we invested in two key areas: help build a pipeline to broader diversity in technology and medicine, and support programs dedicated to helping under-resourced and under-represented groups have access to care.

We are pleased to share a summary of this work in our 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report. The ESG report evolved from our previous 2021 Community Impact report to provide a more detailed view of who Veradigm is as a company. We hope that the reader will see that we are more than our technology, we are more than our charitable giving. We are a network of humans that work together every day to create a company designed around excellence in our field. Our ESG report combines our culture, internal community, philanthropic initiatives, corporate ethics, environmental impact, DEI programs and mission-focused advancements, and connects those programs back to the center of our organization – transforming healthcare, insightfully.

Our commitment to corporate responsibility is at the forefront of our daily actions. The programs, initiatives, and accomplishments detailed within this document are only possible because of great leaders and associates who bring vision to life.

Together, we are Veradigm.

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